Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Luke!

Baby boy, how are you 3 years old? It seems like just yesterday we found out that you would be joining our family. I was so nervous and scared to have a little boy. The concept of a boy was completely foreign to me and I was worried that we wouldn't bond as well as I did with the girls.
Little did I know...I had nothing to worry about. You've been my "little man" since the second you were born and I couldn't love you more.
I love watching you grow and change...similar to the girls, yet with your own style. You like many "girl" things, because you've just always done them with your sisters...but you also love "boy" things and rough housing with Dad. It's going to be interesting watching you grow in this house full of estrogen and see how you adapt.
I love you, my little man. You make me smile every single day. I love your big brown eyes, seeing your little hands reach up for a hug and the way you say, "Mom, I gotta tell you some-fing!" Happy birthday, buddy.
Love, Mommy


suebug said...

Ah Luke!! Unlike your big sisters, I was able to WATCH you amazing! You are such a cutie! I love your smile, and the way you hide when your being shy! Your smile lights up an entire room - if we could bottle your smiles power- we could light all of Utah!! Your one special kid, and I love ya!

Tinabean said...

Happy Birthday Luke.
He is so cute, poor little man with all those girls, or should I say poor girls with this one little man!