Saturday, May 23, 2009

Final Words

This is my talk for Mom's funeral today.

When I think of Mom passing, I’m not sad for any of us. Even though our time with her was far too short, we have the knowledge and understanding that we will be with her again one day.
What breaks my heart is how aware I am of the large hole her passing has caused in her grandchildren’s lives. She loved my children, just as much as I did and depending on the day and Avery’s current antics…sometimes she may have loved them more! She had endless time and patience for all of her grandchildren.
Every child deserves to have someone in their life (other than their parents), that they can depend on for anything. Children need that one special person that they can always talk to and ask questions to and know that they will always get an honest answer. They need someone that will reprimand when needed, but who will always follow it up with a hug. They need someone that says, “No, I’m sorry, I agree with your Mom and you’ve had enough candy.”…but then will slip the candy to them, as soon as I turn around.
Mom was incredibly close with all of her grandchildren and without even knowing it, they will forever have an empty void in their lives. One day they will all graduate from high school and they won’t realize that seated next to Grandpa on the bench, should have been a woman crying happy tears. One day they will serve missions, or go off to college, or get married and they won’t realize that I am crying, because Mom should have been there to hold me, as I let my child go. One day they will have their own children and they won’t realize that there is a face missing, pressed up against the nursery glass.
But I will realize these things. I will never let them forget the amazing woman that raised their father and loved me like her own. I wrote a poem for Mom, but mostly as a reminder for her grandchildren.

Your grandma was the kind of woman,
Who dealt with everything, with grace,
And it’d be a difficult task to find her,
Without a smile on her face.
She’d do anything, for anyone,
And she truly loved to give,
She was an example to each one of us,
On how we should strive to live.
She loved you all dearly,
As if you were her own.
And any time we visited,
It felt like going home.
She had a quiet strength,
That she hid behind her smile,
She was the rock that held us up,
Through every kind of trial.
You’ll never fail in your lives,
If you keep her close to you,
When you face a difficult task, just think,
What would Grandma have me do?
rainbow became the sign of love,
The day Jared passed away.
And Grandma used that same sign,
To look on you, and say,
“Look up to Heaven, little ones,
And see what I have done,
I’m always watching over you,
Make me proud… of who you become.”


Whitney said...

Beautiful! Live her legacy, Leeann!!

Melessa said...

What an amazing tribute! My husband's mother died suddenly when my oldest was 6 weeks old. My kids don't realize the void in their life, but I do every day.

common mom said...

What a wonderful tribute to Mom!

What a wonderful woman.

Candygirlflies said...


Bless you.

xoxo CGF

Amy said...

I'm sorry for your loss. She sounds like an amazing woman. What a beautiful poem about her, I had to cry!

ellisgomez said...

I loved your talk today. It was so good. The whole meeting was great. You are the mom of the family now it seems like. What a blessing you are in the lives of all the Jim and Pat Family! I have some pictures for you guys. I will give them to Jim or Brit tomorrow at church.

Jodi Brunson said...

You all did wonderful today, and your poem was beautiful. It's definately something to put into all your childrens scrapbooks so that they can read it later and know how much she meant to all of you. It's such a hard thing to lose someone who is such an important part of your life.

Timmy and Traci said...

Have been thinking of you often...I know my grandma, mama in law, mom, and sis have been as well!

Chris, Emily and Ryker Allen said...

That is beautiful!

suebug said...

What an amazing tribute to Pat. Beautifully written, and I am SURE beautifully read!! You are amazing!

Angela said...

Leeann, your poem is beautiful, and just perfect!

Andrea said...

That was so incredibly beautiful, Leeann. It gave me goose bumps throughout the whole thing.

bequi said...

That's really beautiful. Thanks for sharing that.