Saturday, May 30, 2009

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend?

Diamonds ain't got nothing on my friends.
I can't believe the outpouring of love and support I have gotten over the last couple weeks. I have had cards coming in almost every day from friends on my "Mommy Blog" on Babycenter. I've never met these women and yet...they love me enough to send cards from all over the country.
Gail (who is also my aunt) took my trouble makers for two days straight. She has no idea how much I appreciated that.
Coby watched all four older kids while Josh and I dealt with Mom's viewing. She is so great and I don't think that I will ever be able to repay her for all she's done for me.
McKell and Nanette and sat with my kids all day Saturday while we did funeral stuff. I came home to a clean house, dinner and my laundry folded. The kids had so much fun with them, they wanted me to go away again, just so McKell and Nanette could stay a little longer! I don't know what I would have done without them.
Lacey came to the viewing and supported me through that time. She also texted me every single day, just to check in and see how things were going. Thank you so much for that.
Crystal had only ever met Mom once or twice and still drove down to support me through the funeral. I really appreciate your love, Crys!
Amey and Rachel were friends who's appearance didn't shock me at all. These two have been my "right hand women" since high school. I knew I could count on them to show up with smiles and to lighten the mood. I love you girls!

Jessica came and may have cried more than anyone! :) I love how much she truly loved Mom. She has been a wonderful friend.
Mickey was my fantastic photographer during the grave dedication. She helped me out so much this week, by watching my girls while Josh and I got things done. She fed the entire family that first night and was wonderful in talking with my girls about Grandma being gone. I love you, Mick!
Casey is my "big brother I never wanted". :) I love this man and his new little family (who unfortunately couldn't come...but growing a new baby is a lot of work! Yay Baby Boy Miller!). Casey hopped on a plane at 10:00 AM the morning of the funeral, arrived to be at the funeral and grave dedication and then hopped back on a plane at 3:00 PM to head home. I tell you...nothing meant more to me than that. Thank you, Casey. You are such a wonderful friend.
I don't know what I would have done without every one's support and love (and fantastic yummy!) I am one lucky girl!


gail said...

Thank you for asking me to watch your kids. My boys just love them. You know I will do anything to help.

Thank you for letting me help and feel like I was useful.

Hey thanks for inserting the aunt part, now I feel old and yet you are OLDER!!

Andrea said...

Leeann, I am SO happy that you have such amazing, supportive family & friends to help you out in your time of need. I wish I was with you...I'd love to give you a big hug.

ps: I didn't get a chance to watch the slideshow in your previous post until just was beautifully done.

Pam said...

I am so happy that you have such love and support! If anyone deserves this type of love and friendship- it is you!

Coby said...

I know it would take you 1/2 a second to do any one of these things for any of us should there be the need. So... thanks for the thanks but no thanks is nessesary. Love Ya and call me because I have to tell you about the funniest thing Luke said that night that I found to be involves Jesus ;)

suebug said...

I LOVE YOU LEEANIMAL!!!! :) More than you could ever know...sorry I didn't do more, my heart and prayers have been with you daily though!