Sunday, April 26, 2009

Traveling Lesson 101

Things I have learned, while traveling in a mini-van full of children:

- Letting the children stay up as late as they wanted to the night before, so that they would sleep part of the way…failed. Miserably. It just resulted in short-tempered, angry, AWAKE, little people.

- Hearing “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus over and over and over, can make a person wish they were deaf.

- Watching chips, Gatorade and gummy bears be spilled all over the newly clean mini-van can make a person wish they were blind.

- If one child gets car sickness, all the other children will develop sympathy pains.

- After hearing “Mommy!”, “Mom!”, “Momma!” and “Look at this!” more times than I can count and turning around to address the child, my head is now permanently facing backwards.

- When you make sure that all the children have used the restroom, but forget to use it yourself, it makes for a very uncomfortable 75 miles, till the next stop.

- When a child asks how much longer and you reply “an hour and a half”, and they ask again 30 seconds later, they truly believe that you are going to give them a different answer.

- You can never, ever, EVER pack too many baby wipes.

- Screaming, “AAAAHHHH! I saw a spider!” at the top of your lungs comes in handy when trying to cover up a swear word in a song, when you realize that you downloaded the unclean version to your Ipod.

-Even if every child uses the restroom and you feel confident that you will be able to drive uninterrupted for a child will then decided that they need to go #2.

- If you pass other mini-vans, you and the other parents will exchange a similar “What were we thinking? Please save us.” look.


Pam said...

sounds like quite the adventure!

Annie said...

you make me laugh! i hear bonine works well for car sickness, and helps them sleep! have a great time!

Whitney said...

I will have to remember this!!! You're so funny! I hope you guys have fun and be safe!

Andrea said...

Oh girl...I could TOTALLY picture you and your sweet kids while you were listing all of those lessons. :)

Hope you are staying safe!!

suebug said...

I laughed SO hard while reading this...what's just a trip to Tooele ends up being like this for us!! I admire, respect, and DO NOT envy you!! Have fun!

Robbie and Mindy said...