Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thanks For Nothing

I had a great day yesterday.
I got out of the house with no kids and got shopping done for our vacation.
I actually found a swimming suit that fits good AND it is a size smaller than what I thought I'd need.
It was a beautifully warm, sun-shiny day.
Everything was perfect.
the cop that pulled me over handed me a speeding ticket, and says with a smile, "Try to have a better day!"
Mean, mean, mean cop.
I was having a good day already.
He should have said, "Sorry I ruined your day."
Poopy head.


Robbie and Mindy said...

I wonder if cops learn that line in school. Me and my mom got pulled over in SLC and she got a ticket and he told us to "Have a better day."

Shellie said...

He musta been the one that gave my daughter a ticket too. Blah!