Monday, April 27, 2009

Packing In The Fun

I absolutely love our hotel room. It is a kid's suite, so it has a "master" room with a king bed and then through the sliding doors is the kids' room. (Except that we slide Pres's bassinet into our room.)
They get bunk beds, desk, chair and their own TV. We put them to bed at night, with the Disney channel on, and they are never heard from again.

Today, we spent most of the day at Sea World. The look on the kids' faces was priceless.
"It's okay, Pres. I'm with you."
Waiting for the dolphin show to start.


I saw this sign, during a time that the kids were being a little rambunctious. I have no idea what this actually means...but I laughed over the thought that I could swap my kids for some calmer ones.
The poor boy fell asleep after the dolphin and whale shows, and playing on the playground. He missed most of the rest of the activities.
Pres slept much of the day, too.

Playing in the tide pool.
This is a Mommy who has had too much spinning...I thought I was going to puke!

Jaws, anyone?

Even exhausted as we all were, we had promised the kids some time in the pool. Pres actually really liked it.
My cute, happy, tired, slightly "sun-kissed", kids!


Stacy said...

Looks like SO much fun!

suebug said...

Seriously, looks SO DANG FUN! I love the room, what a fabulous idea!!! Cute little Luke looks like he is trying very hard to let Pres know it's all going to be alright!!! What a good big brother...and girl..DANG you are working that swimsuit!!! #1 you look hot #2 you are totally putting me to shame and #3 HUGE kudos for being brave and putting it on your blog...IF there was a picture out there of a swim would promptly be BURNED!!! :)

McKell Anderson said...

Leeann, looks like your trip was so much fun! I agree the room was very cool. Thanks so much for sharing all the cute pics. You looked great in your suit too! :)

Tinabean said...

I looks & sounds like you are all having so much fun.
I love your hotel room to.
I'm so glad that you are enjoying your vacation & family time.

common mom said...

It looks like you're having a GREAT time!

And even with the "Pain" that comes with a road trip, I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! When you get back home, all the other stuff is talked about, but the actual road trip always seems to stick around a bit longer in the brain ;-)

Bethany said...

Your crew is beyond adorable, and reminds me of myself and my 6 younger siblings on vacations to visit family :) Sea World is so much fun-- neat photos of the sharks and dolphins!