Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter 2009

I'll start by apologizing for the pictures explosion! We had so much fun on Easter weekend and I took so many pictures...I had a hard time choosing just these ones!
We started out the weekend doing the town's local Easter egg hunt. That was a lot of fun, but with the kids separated out into their age groups, I didn't get any pictures of that, because I was running from group to group checking on them.
After that, we headed to Mom's house. The kids loved the egg hunt that Grandma and Great-Grandma put together. Most of the young kids in the family showed up for the hunt. Can you say CANDY? I swear, each kid walked away with 5 lbs of chocolate and jelly beans!

My beautiful Roo
My dirty boy
Avery on the run
My darling niece
My "pretend" nephew
My cutie "real" nephew :)
Silly girl
I wasn't kidding - look at that loot!
Some of the happy hunters
It didn't take her long to bust into the candy!
Heck, it didn't take any of them long...
Easter morning was tons of fun in our house. That smart little Easter bunny knew that we are going on vacation soon, so he treated the kids accordingly. Sand toys, crocs and swimming suits...with just a little candy. That smart bunny knew that Grandma had already supplied enough!
I LOVE these swimming suits. They are SPF 50 and being shirts, they protect them better from the sun. It will be so much easier to sunblock them, when we don't have to worry about straps that could move. With Bailey's photosensitivity - these are a wonderful help, in protecting her.
Even Miss Presley got a special suit. Swimming lessons will be so nice this summer and I love knowing her delicate skin has the extra protection.
My darling daughters
Wow. I make some cute kids!
Mommy's little girl

One last cute pic of Pres and Malia playing with each other. I love that she has so many other babies in the family her age. It'll be so wonderful watching them grow up together!


Rachel said...

Cute, cute, cute!! I can't believe how much older Luke looks! Wow! And those swimming suits are adorable! Bailey's legs are soo long!

suebug said...

So much fun!!! And I am glad - on a side note here - that you made it to my lesson on Easter Sunday as well. I appreciate your support more than you know. Your kids are too cute for their own good. And little Pres looked ADORABLE in her "first Easter" dress and bib ;)! I loved it!!

Melessa said...

Aww! I love the Easter photo explosion! And pictures of Miss Pres are making me very excited for my little girl to come in July!

Pam said...

You family is just too freaking cute! I loved all the pics!

Erin said...

Presley's dress is so cute! You have such a beautiful family.

common mom said...

Awesome photos! I love Presley's little Easter dress - what a cutie!

Glad you had a great time :-)

Tinabean said...

Your right you do make some really cute kids!
I love little girls in easter dresses.
It looks like you all had a wonderful easter!