Sunday, April 26, 2009

Change Of Plans

If you plan a vacation with eleven adults and twelve kids (all under the age of 8) and think that it’s going to go off without a hitch…you are going to be very, very wrong.

We pulled into Las Vegas last night and Mom wasn’t feeling well. She just couldn’t catch her breath and no amount of oxygen was helping. It was so bad that her and Dad decided that it would just be smarter for them to rent a car and return home, so she could get in touch with her doctors. They have been discussing another treatment option with Mom’s doc and with the way she was feeling, she just knew that the best thing would be to get home and start it immediately.

It has put a bit of a damper on the trip, because we know how badly she really wanted to be with the grandkids when they played in the ocean and saw the aquatic life at Sea World. However, we know that she wouldn’t go unless she really needed to, so we just hope that she starts feeling better soon. (I’m writing this as we head on to San Diego and will post it tonight, when we get to the hotel and Internet access.)

The kids had a lot of fun at the hotel. They played in the pool for a while (which was FREEZING!) and then we just ordered pizza for dinner. After that was devoured and showers were done, the kids snuggled down with a movie and except for Avery, were asleep rather quickly. Avery finally settled and we had a great night sleep.

Morning came and after dealing with rental car issues for Mom and Dad, we were on our way. The amount of traffic leaving Vegas, heading to California, is like nothing I’ve ever seen. It was completely jam-packed and chaotic. A trip that Yahoo said should take about five hours, took closer to eight.

But, we finally arrived and our room is PERFECT! I'll post some pics of it tomorrow, but here is some pics from yesterday and today's drive.

I didn't dare put her in the pool because it was too cold...this was just with her toes in it!Kids will be kids and they didn't let the cold bother them!
Luke was pretty sure there were sharks in the pool and he wouldn't have anything to do with it. :)
My silly boy in the car.
Pres is getting so big. She entertained herself with a spoon.It's easy to entertain a little boy in a hotel room. He thought the shower cap was pretty cool!
It's hard to be the one sitting in the middle. :)


suebug said...

My heart is breaking for Pat, please let her know if she needs anything- I am here to help!
Your kids look like they are having a total blast!! So much fun! I can't believe it! I am so jealous you are heading somewhere so much fun (I LOOOOOVVVEEE San Diego.) Never been to Sea World, but the city itself is beyond fabulous!!! I love it!!! Have fun!

Whitney said...

I hope Pat feels better soon. I wish I were on your trip!!! I want some warm!

Pam said...

Other than Pat having to leave early (I'm praying and hoping she is feeling better already!)- it looks like a great time. Your family is just gorgeous!

Andrea said...

Aww...that bottom picture is just priceless!! LOVE IT!!

Please keep us posted on your Mom...hugs!

bequi said...

I love the last picture! That is so cute and I totally remember those drives growing up. Seems like I was always in the middle, since I was usually the shortest (so mom and dad could see better out the back window).

I'm really sorry about your mom and I hope the treatment she's trying is a good thing.