Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beautiful "Ocean Beach"

It has been years since I have been to the beach. I realized today (again) how much I absolutely love it.
There is something so calming about standing on the edge of the water and allowing the cold water to bite at your feet. I stood really still, with my eyes closed and took it all in. I love the sound of the surf crashing on the sand and the smell of the salt water. I love the cool breeze and the feel of the sand between my toes.
There is something spiritual about watching your footprints be washed away in the tide. It's almost a metaphor for life - that if you let things go, that you can't control - they will be taken care of. It would be wonderful if all of life's tears, grief, anguish and stress could be so easily wiped away. Wiped away so perfectly, that you cannot even tell that they were once there.


Pres and Gavin hung out in the baby tent. It protected them from the breeze and the sand. Mostly. :)
Little Miss Presley in her sand seat.
Ryleigh loving the ocean. She was the first one to run and jump in.
Bailey and Avery eventually jumped in the water, too. However, Luke wants nothing to do with cold water and he was content building sand castles and finding shells on the beach.
My silly Avery.
I think that he was just excited that he was allowed to "make a mess".
This picture could not have turned out more perfect. Ryleigh cartwheels everywhere.
I love that they got to experience this.
My baby girl is growing up too fast.
Well, our vacation is coming to an end. Tomorrow morning we leave for home and we are looking at about a 14 hour drive. I'm sad to see it end. It was wonderful to have this time with the kids and see them experience so many new things.
We are taking home so many fantastic memories.


common mom said...

You have no idea how envious I am at this moment.

In the middle of reading, I closed my eyes, imagined the water at my feet, the sand between my toes, the sound of the surf, the smell of that salty air, and the ever-present ocean breeze . . . AHHHHHHHH.

Thank you for giving me a wonderful break this afternoon.

Oh, and I LOVE the cartwheel photo - it is perfect!

Pam said...

I'm so glad you had a great time. I hope those memories and moments stay with you forever. Those are great pics- I do love the cartwheel one!

Bethany said...

What a beautiful beach day! The picture of Ryleigh is absolutely perfect!

Jen said...

I'm so happy you are having such a wonderful time! That cartwheel picture is AMAZING! I absolutely love it!

flarffy2000 said...

What type of camera do you have? Your pictures always look great!

suebug said...

simply beautiful- but you know I LOVE the ocean! The pictures of the kids all turned out fabulous! What a fun experience. Braden responded the same way to the water- he was 100% more interested in the seashells. Aspen on the other hand LOVED the water!! So much fun!!! I love it!

yfm said...

The picture of Ryleigh doing a summersault on the beach is so perfect you should enter it in a photo contest.

bequi said...

I love that cartwheel picture! Is it cool with you if I print it off? That seriously needs to be framed in my house.

My mom grew up by Huntington beach, so every time I go to CA, we stop by and get her a jar of ocean and beach. She uses it to relax, like one of those oil and water stress thingies.