Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Presley's Adjustment

I LOVE my chiropractor. He's fantastic. He is so wonderful and patient when I show up for my appointments, with all my wee people in tow.
During one of my appointments, I told him about Presley's fussiness and crying periods. I wondered if he could possible help her with it. He suggested bringing her in and seeing what could be done.
He explained that babies go through quite the adjustment phase after birth. They float in water for months and months and when they are born, their muscles and joints can hurt, because they aren't used to using them.
So far, we've been to see him 3 times, each a week apart. The first time he adjusted her, I was so confused. I thought he was just holding her and admiring her cuteness. I had no idea that he was actually doing the adjustment! He said that her lower ribs were a bit tight and he worked on that for her.
Chalk it up to coincidence or her just getting older...but she's doing so much better! She isn't having the crying periods anymore and she's become quite smiley!
I can't thank him enough!

This pic is from her first session and you can see her upset. She grunted a bit and he said that's how you can tell that a certain area is bothering her. Now, when I take her and he does her adjustments she doesn't get upset at all.

I can't believe how big she is getting! Where does the time go? And how can I make it stop?


suebug said...

This is becoming HUGE in America...Children Chiropractic visits. Why? Because kids go through so much growth their poor bodies get more and more out of alignment...more so than adults. If we need it...imagine how much THEIR little bodies need. I applaud you for thinking of it, and getting her in. Hey, even a little peanut deserves a little R & R at the Chiropractor right?!

Whitney said...

Oh my gosh! She is getting big! She is so funny with her little faces! I'm glad she's doing better!

Pam said...

Well, whatever the reason is- I'm glad she is not having as many and as long of the crying fits.

Andrea said...

I've heard AMAZING things about chiropractors. But whether it's that or coincidence -- WHO CARES, as long as she's happy! :)

common mom said...

Soooooo glad she's feeling better! I, too, love love LOVE my chirporactor . . . she's awesome!

I hope Miss Presley stays happy and smiley and feeling well :-)

bequi said...

I need to get into a chiropractor and probaly Sarah should see one, too.