Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Cannot Be Vegetarian

Even if I had any desire to become a vegetarian...the universe is telling me not to.
To understand that statement...we must go back in time.

Imagine a 12 year old boy; we'll call him Josh. He planted a huge, wonderful garden and tended to that garden. He hoped it would flourish and he could show off his hard work. Sadly...everything was ruined. He woke up one morning to find his entire garden gone. It was completely wiped out. His pigs had gotten out and had a very large midnight snack.

Fast forward to 5 years ago. little Josh had now become a man and decided to finally tackle a garden again. He planted it later than everyone else and they all mocked him and told him that it wouldn't grow. A couple months later they were staring jealously at the tall stalks of corn, the amazing amounts of red tomatoes and the crisp, sweet peas. All summer he stared at that corn, waiting for it to be ready for picking. About a week before that was going to happen...his cows got out and trampled the corn. Every stalk was crushed to the ground.

This brings us to the present. Josh planted some of the garden last week. Carrots, potatoes and lettuce were carefully laid in straight lines and a smile was upon his face. He just knew that this year...was his year. He didn't own pigs or cows this year, so there would be no chance of them breaking down the fence and destroying his hard work.

neighbors down the street do have cows.
And they did get out of their fence.
And they did find our garden.
And they did trample it.

Happily, Josh ran them off and saved the garden. I'm pretty sure that once everything starts sprouting he'll be sleeping in the yard...protecting his hard work.


suebug said...

POOR JOSH!!!!! Keep on truckin' bud, keep on a truckin!

YFM said...

Oh my stars, I laughed so hard, thanks for that. He has such hope every time he tries and that is so cute.

Mom said...

Awesome story!! Hope to hear a happy ending like little Josh is sitting at the table eating those veggies that he worked so hard to grow and protect.

bequi said...

Is it planting time already?! I better get a move on if I want home grown tomatoes!

Tinabean said...

Oh poor Josh!!
I hope that this year will be his year!!! :)

common mom said...

Poor guy! Nothing like perseverence :-)

This makes me remember the huge garden my grandmother had, and the one we had in our backyard. I am a TERRIBLE gardner, but I love having a garden and the fresh food. Sadly, the front range is not such a great place for a garden. The best we've figured out how to do is grow carrots and tomatoes in pots. That hubby of yours have any tips???