Friday, February 6, 2009

Woah! You Took Me Wrong!

I received this anonymous comment tonight on my previous post "Homeschooling is sounding better and better..."

"Reading your post makes me angry. I understand it is your opinion however you make it seem as if the teachers are the bad guys. I am a teacher in TCSD and let me tell you, we are not! You complain about how much you have to supply well I can promise you nothing is required. If you don't want to send all those extras then don't. I am sure you chose to send those things so in my opinion stop complaining. Would you like me to add up all the money I spend on "extras" that I buy for my classroom, for your children. If you knew I hope you would realize that the $2 roll of paper towels is not a big deal! It is people like you that I wish would home school their children because it would make our class sizes that much smaller. Also, no matter the budget cuts and the stress it puts on me I will always do my job, as will most teachers I work with at the school your children attend! I love my job and will never risk a child's education just because of something that is out of my control. Lastly, if you don't agree with budget cuts let your congressmen know! "

Let me respond! I absolutely in no way insinuated that teachers are the bad guy! If you read the other comments on my post, you will see that everyone else that took the time to comment knew exactly where I was coming from and what I meant! I LOVE teachers! LOVE LOVE LOVE them! That is why I volunteer all those supplies...because I know and hate how much the teachers use their own money for in the classroom. That is why I volunteer my time to come help out in the classrooms, because I know the classes are too large for one teacher to do it all alone. That is why when I am helping in the classroom I have taken notice of the teacher's needs and supplied them with no questions asked. It sickens me, the amount of money that comes out of our teacher's pockets...when I already feel that your incomes should be higher! I know that cutting the supply funds would impact both teachers AND parents alike.
That entire post was pure sarcasm and I meant that teachers' pay should not be cut and classroom sizes should not be made larger! I know that would be stressful for teachers...who wouldn't be upset by a pay cut and more children in their classroom that they are responsible for? While you may still give your absolute best to the children in your class...and I don't doubt that you cannot tell me that having larger classrooms would not make it more difficult for you to do your already demanding job. It is just a simple fact that one teacher teaching to twenty-two kids will have more time to dedicate to each child, than one teacher teaching to thirty kids.
As for expressing my concerns...I'm ahead of you! I have already expressed my concerns to the school district AND my congressmen. Parents and teachers need to be in this together. Please don't read me the wrong way and think that I am against you. I'm not.


Crysm said...

It's obvious to me that this anonymous poster completely misread your post.

It was clear to me that you were frustrated as a parent for both your children AND their teachers.

And in my oh so humble opinion, it upset me that whoever this is was so quick to say they wished you DID homeschool. If every caring parent such as yourself did homeschool their kids then teachers (this one included) would find their job that much more taxing.

Rachel said...

Wow. "Anonymous" doesn't know you at all!!

Gail said...

Holy Cow! Well obviously she was looking for a fight. If she would of took the time to READ the post she would of understood the frustration. It is too bad that she was so willing to jump the gun without taking the time to see the real reason for the post. perhaps she should come out from being secret. It is much easier to be a jerk when you are hiding!

I worked for the TCSD and guess what I bought all my supplies because it helped me teach. We all know that district employees are worth more than they are paid.

You can delete my post if you feel the need to.

suebug said...

I too must apologize if my comment was read wrong. I have many friends and relatives that are teachers, I have a deep respect and admiration for teachers. The posted blog was simply a vent, a method of releasing stress...not an attack on teachers in anyway. I myself, understood where you were coming from. It was an attack on the situation...not the people. An attack on the ombiguous "they" in government, not an attack on the teachers we deal with personally, daily in our relationship with the school system.
It was slightly offensive to the "anonymous" say they would like your students to be homeschooled. Having a TEACHER say that about a STUDENT is heartbreaking.

Rachel said...

I just read the 'post in question' again...
I wouldn't have to know you to realize you were being sarcastic about agreeing with budget cuts. (Run-on sentence, I know, for the teachers who may read this).

Not only do you already have a comment from a teacher, who hears what you are saying...I KNOW many teachers, and have family members who are teachers, who have the same complaints as you. In no way, did I think you were blaming the teachers! Jumping to conclusions never seems to work, does it??

I think you deserve an apology...

Stephanie Greene said...

i hope that person knows what sarcasm is, as they are a teacher and probably have to deal with it on a daily basis. Leeann, i praise you for being such an outstanding mother and so generous with your community! THANK YOU for putting forth so much time and effort!

Stephanie Greene said...

i also would like to say that i wish there were more mothers out there like you. there are an unbelievable amount that are so uninvolved and don't care about the school's state of deprivation and poverty. wouldn't it be a much better place if everyone sent their kid in with ONE thing to help out?

Gwen said...

I second what Stephanie said! And the other teachers that commented. I think someone is taking things a bit too personally. I wish they would have taken the time to clarify what you meant before jumping to conclusions.
To Anonymous: Leeann is amazing! She has a bigger heart than you could ever understand, as you would have known had you taken the time to find out. Don't make me have to fly out there and throw down!

Leeann said...

Alright Gwen...settle down...there will be no need for violence. :)

Whitney said...

What a ridiculous take on something you wrote so well. I'm sorry that someone felt the need to take so many stabs at you. We love you and understand you and that's all that counts!

sarah said...

my goodness.. how embarrassing. for her. [or him.] it is clear that "Anonymous" cursorily scanned your post and responded with a rage that has been building for quite some time [granted, understandably so - as you pointed out in the very post s/he attacked, teachers are getting the shaft right along with their students.]

anyone who cannot recognize such thinly veiled sarcasm should not spend much time online, or better yet, should relegate their surfing to dry, factual peer-review journals and the like. otherwise s/he would necessarily become so jaded i fear for his/her very sanity.

in all honesty, i'm disappointed that a TEACHER would have such a poor grasp on such a common form of communication as sarcasm.
from wikipedia: "The use of irony introduces an element of humour which may make the criticism seem more polite and less aggressive but
understanding the subtlety of this usage requires second-order interpretation of the speaker's intentions. This sophisticated understanding is lacking in people with brain damage, dementia, autism..

I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'... :/

Mamarazzi said...

ah the written often left open to personal interpretation. validity on BOTH sides.

maybe she just had a bad day. something tells me we have ALL been there.

just keep doing your thang jelly bean!

Mamarazzi said...

ps i don't tink she ws looking for a fight. BUT i HATE anonymous commenters. if you feel you are right then be brave enough to stand behind your words. it's all good. we are women we can handle it!

Tayci said...

I confess I love you. Whoa I mean uh um, got to go.

Pam said...

We know that you love teachers! I feel that love all the way over here in my part of the world!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry someone took your blog post like that. I understood what you said and I am a homeschool mom no big deal.
Perhaps she has problems already she is dealing with (anonymous) that is.

p.s. Sorry my post are coming in anonymous that is why I am signing my name I can't remember my sign in.

bequi said...

So what kind of a teacher doesn't understand sarcasm?

I hope my kids don't get a teacher who gets mad that fast. Yikes!