Sunday, February 1, 2009

Where Do You Come From?

Bay: "Mom, where are we from?"
Me: (oh comes "the talk") "Where are we from?"
Bay: "Yeah, a state or something..."
Me: (thankful that I understand what she means and I can still not have "the talk") "Oh, you mean what country?"
Bay: "Yeah"
Me: "Well, my family is from Canada, we are Canadian-French and Daddy's family is from several different countries."
Bay: "Canada? And French?"
Me: "Like France."
Bay: "Oh. France. People in France are kinda Italian, huh?"
Me: "No. They are "kinda" French."
Bay: "Oh."


Andrea said...

You're from Canada? For some reason I just assumed you were in the US.

Whitney said...

How adorable! I can't wait till Everett can say funny things and I can blog about them!

Gail said...

Bailey is so cute and innocent. It is funny what questions they ask.

Shellie said...

Quebecoise? I had no idea! Cool! I met my husband there!