Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Wedding And A Funeral

A Wedding...

"Mom, you had sex before you had your wedding, huh?"
Excuse me?
See if I ever watch "17 Kids and Counting" in front of my kids again! :) They were talking about how they don't have sex (or even kiss!) before marriage and thus prompted my first ever "sex talk", with Bay. I won't blog details for several reasons...I don't know who actually reads my blog and I really don't want to be educating anyone else's kids...but more importantly, I don't want to embarrass Bailey, because I'm already so proud of her for coming to me with questions.
I think I did quite well. I didn't choke on the bite of potato soup in my mouth. I only answered what she asked and didn't elaborate more than needed. All in all, it went okay. Here's hoping that she'll come to me again, when she has questions.
(And for the record, she was a month old and in our wedding photos...I had to answer "Yes". Oh...the shame....) :)

...and A Funeral

It appears that I may be planning a funeral. It's very sad, but I'm holding up okay. The funeral will either be for my camera....or my son.
The little turd broke my camera this morning. The button you press to take the photo "somehow" came off. After taking it to a local place, they advised Josh that it would be $250.00 and up to six weeks to fix it! Again, I ask...excuse me??? It's a $400.00 camera! You want me to pay $250.00 to fix it? AND you are going to take it away from me for a month and a half? Do you have any idea how much Presley will change during that time? I can't be without a camera that long!
So, Josh is taking it to a place "in the city" tomorrow and hopefully they can fix it faster and cheaper. I really hope so. I will cry if I have a permanently dead camera.
As for the boy...I guess I'll let him live.
This time.


suebug said...

YOU SCARED ME!! I read funeral...and instantly my heart almost stopped...PAT kill her for me for even bringing that image to me. Besides, we all know Pat is going to out live us all..Cancer ain't beating that gal!

Annie said...

i watched a few of those 17 kids and counting...no kissing! man...i have nothing to say to that.

sorry about your camera! that sucks.

common mom said...

Dude asked me a question once . . . after the brief explanation of how it happened, he paused for about 15 seconds. . . then said "You shouldn't have told me that." I just about died laughing - inside of course ;-)

Sorry about your camera :-( Hope you get it back soon! I got a new camera for my birthday (Olympus Stylus 1030W) - it's waterproof, shock proof (up to a 6 foot drop), and dirt proof. I got it primarily so Princess couldn't break yet ANOTHER of my cameras. It's 10 mp and it's great! The picture quality could be better (my other 8mp one does better), but it's been worth it to know she won't break it.

Mom said...

Thanks Leeann, I only read the first sentence and my stomache was in my throat. You scared the crap out of me. I thought something was wrong with Luke. I read further and decided that your camera had a horrible death.