Monday, February 2, 2009

The Never-Ending Shopping List

Sometimes, the girls' school drives me bananas. I feel like I am constantly running to the store for this or that, that they need for class. In just the last two weeks I have had to send:

*A bag of fruit loops
*Dum Dums
*A bottle with 100 "something" in it
*Empty 2 liter bottles

I don't mind sending this stuff, but it feels like it all happens in a short span of time and I'm constantly scrambling. Next week is Valentine's, so that means that now I'm worried about cards for each person, in each class and a decorated shoebox to put them in.

I also think the school is getting a kick back from the people that package the Valentine's day cards. They come in boxes of 25. Bay's class has 26. I have to buy another whole box of cards...because of one extra kid. I know they are only like $2.50 a box...but dang it! :)


De said...

We always make our own valentines. It's fun, and personalized and I don't have to buy boxes for $2.50. But then again, it works so much better when you don't have a very adorable newborn to take care of!

katie said...

Dollar Tree. They even had HSM and Hello Kitty valentines.

common mom said...

Us too with the cards! 26 in Dude's class . . . how annoying! If we all lived next to each other we could buy one extra box and each take one or two :-)

We've made our own the past couple of years and will do it again this year. Hopping online to pick whatever "picture" they want on it, print it on regular white paper, and let them write and decorate away.

Of course, that's my master plan . . . who knows if we'll make the time for that . . .

Mommy Dear said...

You forgot to call me when you need things I could have provided the dumb dumbs and the 2 liter bottles right now I have 2 boxes of yogos that will expire in three weeks, want them? I'm fresh out of leftover valentines though. I also could have given you the froot loops.