Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Know I'm Not Cinderella....

Something strange is happening in my house. I don't understand why it's happening, but I may grow to like it. I like things to be a certain way and I'm used to the "order" of my life. Some things are a constant in this house and when they don't messes with me.

For instance, I know that every day the kids will wake me up and scream for breakfast, by 7:30. I know that they will have destroyed the house in the time it takes me to feed Presley and come downstairs. I know that they will fight and yell and hit. I know that they will throw temper tantrums when I ask them to help me pick up. I know that one or more of them will make a huge mess with their food. I know that I will spend the morning screaming at them to behave and clean up.

These are just the fixed ways of my home. I know that this is going to happen and I've become comfortable in my chaos.

This morning...they got their own breakfast and let me sleep till 9! Even Presley allowed me 5 straight hours of sleep! When I came downstairs, they helped me pick up, without throwing a fit and they have all been getting along!

I don't know what sort of spell has come over my home...but I thank the Fairy Godmother that released it on my home!

EDITED: You'll be happy to know that my chaos has been restored. While I was typing this...the boy got into my lotion and a packet of RED crystal light and had it all over him and the bathroom. Apparently, the spell had a time limit.


Melessa said...

Even Cinderella had to be home at midnight, but she still had fun at the ball!

Jen said...

Oh my gosh, red Crystal light and lotion?!?! The fairy tale never lasts long now does it?

Andrea said...

The clock struck twelve a little too soon, didn't it?

common mom said...

But isn't it amazing how just that ONE morning of different and letting you sleep in and be peaceful has changed the outlook for an entire day-week-month!!! It always seems to happen when it's most needed :-)

Here's to hoping the fairy godmother stops by again soon.

bequi said...

Yeah for sleeping in!
I only sleep in when Anthony forgets to leave the bedroom door open so I can't hear the baby wake up until she's crying frantically.