Friday, February 13, 2009

Avery's Tubes...Again

Avery's surgery went really well. They didn't have time to sedate her before the surgery, so I was a little nervous as they wheeled her away. Her doctor said that she did just fine until they got her to the operating room. That's when she declared, "I DON'T LIKE THIS ROOM!" and "I WANT MY MOMMY!" He said that they talked her into staying and then she was just fine.

One of the tubes had fallen out and the other one had scar tissue all around it and plugging it up. The doctor said that can happen, but hopefully this will be it for her.

She woke up completely calm, unlike previous surgeries. I was prepared for the screaming, crying, hitting, angry little girl that we had seen before. It was nice to just cuddle her on my lap and let her sip on apple juice. We asked her if things sounded different and she said yes...that she could hear us better. I was so happy!

Avery is such a special kid. I have yet to meet anyone, that has met her and not walked away laughing. I hope this is it for her. She deserves to be healthy and concentrate on making me crazy! :) She's had a bumpy road thus far...let's hope her future is smooth sailing.


Rachel said...

So glad things went well!!!

bequi said...

Speaking of ears... My sister is 17 and got an ear infection so bad it ruptured her ear drum! Did you know they grow back? I had no idea.