Friday, January 23, 2009

the world: through the eyes of PRESLEY

As the newest member of the family, I feel that all the attention should be on all times. I've found that it is helpful to refuse to sleep and be incredibly fussy during extremely stressful and/or busy times of the day. My particularly favorite times to demand to be held are: when Mommy is making dinner, trying to use the bathroom or attempting to work.
I've also discovered that my siblings are very talented at screaming singing and I love to join in with them. Together, we all harmonize quite well. Mommy likes it so much, that it sometimes makes her cry.
I'm learning quickly to distinguish the differences in Mommy's clothing styles. When she wears a t-shirt and pajama pants, I've come to recognize this as her "Mommy Uniform". This means that she will be close to me all day and be able to address my concerns quickly. When Mommy wears other types of clothing, straightens her hair and does her make-up, it means that she has some where to go, or that someone is coming over to visit. I don't want her to forget about me during times when she is away, so I always make sure to leave her a little spit up love on her shoulder (And down her shirt. And in her hair. And down her back.)
I also make sure that Mommy knows how much I love her, by refusing to be put down. I know that she loves to hold me and put me to sleep. So, after some gentle rocking and back pats, I close my eyes and lay really still. When I can feel Mommy get up reeeeaaaally slow and very carefully walk to my crib and gently lay me down, I stay still just long enough for Mommy to feel sad that she's away from me. Then, I cry as loud as I can, until I see Mommy walk over to my crib and hear her say, "Presley Amber!" She says it in such a tired way, that I know she's happy to hold me again.
I know that she loves me, because late at night, after I've kept her up for hours, when she's holding me and thinks (yet again!) that I've finally fallen asleep...she holds me close, kisses my cheek and whispers in my ear, "Baby girl...even when you exhaust me to the point of tears, I love you more than life. You are more wonderful and perfect than I could have ever hoped for."

So, I make sure I wake up crying a few minutes after Mommy has fallen back to sleep. Why allow her sleep, when the baby of her dreams is laying right here?


Chris, Emily and Ryker Allen said...

I love this post! It sure does sum up little ones. Ryker is a great sleeper now but for the first couple of weeks he did this too. He just wanted to be held all the time. I was not prepared for that being my first baby so I had a hard time at first adjusting to his demands but when they look into your eyes it just melts your heart. Keep up the great work, your a FANTASTIC mommy! Presley is lucky to have you...

Whitney said...

This is so creative!! You are so talented at everything you do! I love ya! Hang in there sista, we'll make it!

bequi said...

I just caught up on your blog. Cute niece, CUTE baby you've got there, and what a funny daughter, with ehr hell comments!

common mom said...

I love this post! Life through the eyes of our children . . . if only we could all see the world that way every day :-)

Timoteos said... I'm going to assume that the cute little Malia is Brittenay's baby? We didn't even know she was expecting again! Tell her that her big brother Ezra says she's in BIG trouble!