Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Well, If It's Gonna Snow...

What's a mommy got to do, to get a snow day around here?
It snowed all day yesterday and today it is an absolutely freezing 9 degrees. I was really pulling for a snow day today.
When I was a kid, it was not unusual for us to get 2 or 3 days off in a row, because of snow. Of course, I lived in Massachusetts then...but still.
I LOVE snow days! I love bundling the kids up and taking them outside to build snowmen, shovel the neighbors driveways and have snowball fights. On a really good snow day, we even go up to Grandma's and spend hours riding sleds behind the 4-wheelers.
There's nothing like little kids coming in from hours of playing in snow. Their cold, red, little noses. Their chattering teeth. Their excitement over hot chocolate and warm cookies. Their snowmen that last, long after the day is done.
Those are the types of days that kids remember for a lifetime.


Sharon said...

Same here! I LOVED snow days when I was little!

I just wanted to comment about your question. Download Google's Picasa 3. Its free and its a GREAT photo program. It does a lot of great things, but that is what I use to blur the outer edge of photos sometimes. Let me know if you need anything else!

common mom said...

I TOTALLY agree! Except I grew up in Minnesota . . . we NEVER got snow days because, well, it's always cold and snowy during the winter (like last week, -23 was the actual temp! -54 with the windchill!). I actually rode a plow to school one day!

Sledding down main street . . . riding snowmobiles all day long . . . building snowmen . . . ice skating on the lake . . . ahhhhh.

Now, we sled down the hill in front of our house because the plows never come. The kids love it. Hot chocolate with LOTS of marshmallows and whipped cream . . . nothin' better than that!

Anonymous said...

I love those days too.
We recently had a sledding day came back to the house had hot chocolate, soup, homemade bread and cookies and the kids were so ready for a shower and bed...It was great but, so was I.


De said...

I know that I live in a cold climate when I'm thinking that my kids would love to build a snow man but it's too cold. It needs to warm up a little before they can build one! lol. And those temps that common mom was talking about for MN... we got them too here in Northern WI. They did cancel school though. Not for snow but because it was too cold. Even the ski hills have been closing because it's been too cold. Doesn't that just take the cake???