Friday, January 30, 2009

Things Currently Irritating Me

*The headlines about Jessica Simpson gaining weight. Seriously? Who cares? The woman is as much of a sexpot now, as she was in her daisy dukes. Leave her be. It's about time a woman in the media is at somewhat of a normal weight. Why are we acting like she is stealing purses from little old ladies or beating small children?

*My cold hands. No matter what I do...they won't warm up!

*Grown damn women that act like they are 15 years old. Maybe you used to be "all that and a bag of chips". Maybe you were part of the "in crowd." You are now 35+ years old. Grow up and learn to shut your mouth about things that do not concern you. And FYI...just because "so and so" said something...doesn't mean it's true. You are a big girl now....start acting like one.

*Someone in my house named "I Didn't Do It" or "Not Me" stopped the recent Biggest Loser from recording. As soon as I find them...they are in trouble.

*Blogs debating whether or not the Duggar family should have more children. If we are going to debate who should/shouldn't have more children...and I'm not sure we should...shouldn't we start with the parents who are on welfare, because they just don't want to work? Can we leave the family alone that has no debt and receives no government assistance?

*Dumb movies. The Pineapple Express. Enough said.

*Killing myself at the gym...only to have the scale go UP. Yeah, yeah, it's muscle. I know.

*People complaining about people complaining about the President. Dems had the last eight years to moan and whine and now it's the Reps turn. "Taking turns" - it's a handy little manner taught in Kindergarten. Get over it.

*People that look at me like I'm crazy and mean, when I tell my child, in a restaurant, to sit in their chair or I will take them out to sit in the car with me. Would you rather I let them run all over the place? Probably not.

*My bank changing the order of the automated system and screwing with the order of my world. "Checking" has always been number 5. Now it is number 4. All that was achieved by this change was making me say "****!" every time I call and push the wrong choice.

*Knowing that I can pay $.42 to send a letter across the country and it will arrive in 3 days...but I order something online and pay $11.99 for faster shipping and it takes 10 days to go across 4 states.


Whitney said...

I love this! You are so right about all of them! Like I said, I'm behind ya!

Brittney said...

Yeah they all make sense I could never put it into words like you do about all those annoying things. But I had no idea anyone was giving you bad looks, I just wasn't paying attention I guess.

Laura said...

Biggest Loser episodes are up on NBC website a week after they air, so you won't have to miss it entirely at least! :)

suebug said...'s amazing how our "annoyance" right now are very similiar...
"I didn't do it" has also been to my home...leaving in it's wake, a VERY large mess.
I too am greatly annoyed with the stupid media picking on Jess Simps...who CARES if she eats a hamburger now and doesn't run 100 miles afterwards...let her be sexy and NORMAL!
Big mouth people ... Check
Dumb Government whiners...Check
similiar annoyances!

Andrea said...

You are the best at making these sorts of lists. Loved reading this -- you made me smile, as always!

Mom said...

I agree one hundred percent. Why don't people just stop and look at themselves and mind their own **** business?

common mom said...

Oh you are SOOOO right on!!!

bequi said...

It seems like the change in the system is always the very last step, too. So you have to hang up and start over 3 times before you remember to hit the right darn button.