Monday, January 19, 2009

Hellish Hail

Bailey: (holding her scriptures open) "Mom, I can't say this word."
Me: (reading "hell") "Oh, you mean hell?"
Bailey: "Yeah, I can only say it when it's falling down."
Me: (thoroughly confused) "Falling down?"
Bailey: "Like the snow. When the white chunks are falling down."
Me: (finally getting it) "Oh, you mean hail!"
Bailey: "Helllll."
Me: "No. Hail. Hay-el."
Bailey: "Helllll"
Me: (cracking up and trying to pronounce them carefully) "No. Hail is snow. Hell is the opposite of Heaven."
Bailey: "Oh! Hail."
Me: "Right. But you can say hell when you are reading the scriptures."

My kids are always good for a laugh.

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Bethany said...

LOL, how cute is that!!! I love kids and the most interesting things they come up with! :)