Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Malia!

Malia Tricia
01/20/09 7:57 pm
8 lbs 8 oz 21 inches
My beautiful niece was born on Tuesday! She is incredible cute and very chubby! We really had to giggle when we compared her to Presley. She is already longer and out weighs my teeny little peanut!


Andrea said...

Awww...PRECIOUS!! And of course I L-O-V-E the name. :)

Do they pronounce it the same way that we do?

Congratulations, auntie!!

Steph said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!!! Welcome to the world sweet girl!

suebug said...

Oh my word, she is a chubby kid, but oh so sosososooooo cute!! I love it!

Rachel said...


Erin said...

Aside from being a Mom, I think being an Aunt is one of the best things! I have 2 nephews and 2 nieces that I just love to death.
Congrats to all!