Friday, December 12, 2008

Updating It All

I haven't posted all week because of my computer. I've complained about Dell before and I refuse to do it again. Just know that they are the computer store based in Hell, where all their employees speak broken English/Chinese/Spanish...(Eng-ese-ish?)...but are named Bob.
Life has been good around here. Chaotic. Sleepless. Stressful. The usual.
Little Miss Pres had her two week appointment and gained...drum roll whole ounce! Yup, my little peanut is up to 4 lbs. 12 oz. How I love that teeny, tiny little girl. I just look at her and I want to cry. Partially because we've already gotten about $30,000 in medical bills for her...(I'm teasing...she's worth every penny), but mostly because I can't believe that she is here and healthy and making me smile every single day!
Mom's most recent scans came back this week. It's not good news. The tumor in her lungs has gotten much larger, indicating that the chemo she has been on, is no longer working. We are down to only two therapies left to try. This is depressing news to have to swallow right before Christmas. As I told Mom...we have watched her tumors grow and shrink all year...there is nothing to indicate that they won't shrink again. Yes, I like my denial bubble. I'm surrounded by hope in this little bubble of mine.
I finally just went out Christmas shopping yesterday. The kids will be getting less this year, than in past years. Many things attribute to this. The economy sucks and I refuse to go into major debt for one day of the year. Pres came early, completely throwing me off any "schedule" I may have previously had. And...we just realized...what's the point? Christmas isn't the material things that we all stress over. Christmas is all of us being together. All of us being healthy and happy and TOGETHER. It isn't about the toys that will get forgotten about in a week or two. It's about celebrating the fact that I survived another year in my crazy, extra-ordinary life.


Andrea said...

So happy you are enjoying life with little Presley! YAY for her for gaining that ounce. :)

And good thinking with less at Christmas. You're very right -- what's the point??

Sorry Dell has let you down again....

Erin said...

We are having computer issues too. I just haven't gotten aroud to have anyone look at it yet. So far, I've been able to put up with it.
Sorry to hear about your Mom's scan. But keep that positive is not a Denial bubble. Attitude is everything!
Lots of prayers and hugs your way!

Mom said...

Glad to hear the little Presley is putting a smile on your face, not so glad to hear about Pat. Hope her tumor shrinks again.

As for Christmas, you are absolutely right. "Christ" is in the word Christmas, not "Presents."
That is what Christmas is suppose to be all about.

Candygirlflies said...

I've been thinking about you-- so glad to hear that little Miss Peanut is growing and thriving, and that you are settling (haha) into life as the mother of 5!! Keep it up, my dear, you're clearly doing GREAT.

Give your mom a big hug from me... All we can do is have faith (she has amazed us before, as you know!) and enjoy every, blessed day we have together.

Christmas will be wonderful-- you already got the best present your family could ever ask for. She just arrived a wee bit early, that's all!

xoxo CGF

suebug said...

#1 glad to see you back
#2 Pres...way to go on the ounce girl!! Keep it up!
#3 Pat, I love you, you are a fighter, do what a fighter does...and let the Lord guide you. I will, as always, keep you in my prayers!

bequi said...

I just love you.

That is all.