Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Coming Home

Well, I'm behind on blogging, but I found something so much more entertaining...staring at my beautiful peanut! :)
I have a lot of pictures to catch up on, starting with getting her ready to come home!

This is a cute little onesie that says, "New In Town" on it. One of the few things we found that fit her!

Here's my peanut all dressed up. We were never able to find dragonfly apparell to bring her home in, but since she was born our little peanut, this outfit seemed perfect!
Close up of her hip.
Notice how tiny she is in her carseat? We couldn't have made the straps smaller if we wanted it's a good thing this fit her.


Mamarazzi said...

sooooooo tiny! so sweet!

suebug said...

I LOVE the day you bring your new baby home. It's stressful, but SO worth it. She does look tiny in her carseat, but she didn't cry, which is a huge bonus yeah!?!?

Steph said...

She is SOO tiny in that carseat! I love her outfit!

mickey said...

so tiny and so sweet. i wanna hold her!!!