Saturday, November 1, 2008


It's an important job.
Holding down the couch so that it doesn't run away.
It's also boring. And tiring...for some strange reason.

Bedrest continues. Contractions are sporadic. My butt is numb. My pelvis is on fire. I'm sleeping like crap.


I'm still pregnant.

I've got to be the most useless....yet useful...person on the planet. I can't clean. I can't cook. I can't go to school. I can't do dishes. I can't drive.


I'm really important to one teeny, tiny, little 3 lb 9 oz girl.
And she's all that matters right now.
Keep growing, baby girl! Keep growing!


suebug said...

You are VERY useful, not just to tiny Presley!! I am proud of you for following the doc's orders! WAY TO GO! You are a trooper, and God will bless you for this...with one, very, very special and lucky baby girl!!!

Pam said...

You are VERY useful right now. you are keeping that precious girl safe and growing- that is beyond useful!

Sharon said...

Thanks for the update! I've been dying to know how things are going for you. I'm proud of you, too! I wish I lived out there, so I could come visit from time to time! Keep being "useless" please!

Rachel said...

Ditto to the other comments! aybe Tuesday you will get some good news and bedrest won't be totally permanent. (I'm being optimistic for you :)
Keep hanging in there...I will come see you soon!
Need anything? Would you tell me if you did??

The Joseph and Crystal Albrecht Family said...

What can we do to help? Do you need things to keep you entertained?

Steph said...

Keeping yourself and Presley healthy is VERY useful!! Im impressed that you're able to be on bed rest! KEEP IT UP!