Monday, November 10, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

And....I'm home again. My contractions are under control and I am back on strict bedrest. If I keep up the one centimeter a week pace...she'll come right on time. :)
I don't know how much time she'll hang out, but I'm thankful for every day. At this point, my goal isn't even 40 weeks. If we can make it to 35, then I'll feel more comfortable.
I'm pretty sure I lost my mucous plug today (Sorry Case, I think you're the only man that reads my blog and I may have just made you gag. Actually...I'm hoping you don't even know what that that means...for your sake, don't go ask Jen.). I know that doesn't mean things are going to happen for sure, but it's just one more thing letting me know that she isn't planning on hanging out for long.
So, for now I'm holding down the couch again, with my knees together, while standing on my head - as some of you have suggested. We'll see if it helps! :)


Rachel said...

I love what your little baby ticker says. "I bet mommy feels like I am trying to claw my way out right now". I bet you are thinking "you have NO idea"! :)

suebug said...

Well dang it all mucas plug!!! Seriously though, I am also VERY happy that for now, this moment in time, she is still safely inside of You are so strong, so tough, I would have broken down along time ago. God gives you the most interesting challenges, and you walk through them like they are nothing! I admire you. Keep fighting girls!

Mom said...

Are you used to all this yet? Same thing with everyone of your babies. Except for Bailey. I believe when you went in for her you actually had her that day. Love ya.

Steph said...

Im glad she's still inside of you!! Holding down the couch is an IMPORTANT job!

Natalie said...

Fingers crossed your little one stays put for a bit longer!