Saturday, November 15, 2008


I have absolutely nothing important to blog about, so I'm just going to blog about whatever comes to mind.

Josh's family took all the kids to Tremonton today for the turkey show. Josh is at work and I am home alone. I don't think I've said anything out loud yet this morning. Wow.

I was up having contractions until 6 this morning. I'm telling ya...this girl is getting a spanking when she comes out.

I really want some Italian food. Roasted garlic sounds fabulous right now.

I should be folding some laundry, while I sit here on my butt. Eh...there's still a ton to wash. I'll wait till Josh gets home to help me.

I'm really behind on my art homework. With the drama around here the last few weeks, I haven't caught up. Luckily, the prof is incredibly laid back and doesn't care.

Presley is very good at anatomy. She's already figured out where Mommy's cervix is and enjoys poking it, just to feel me jump. I swear she sits in there and giggles when I do. Poke! Giggle. Poke! Giggle. POKE! Giggle.

Bailey is becoming hormonal. She actually said, "I hate you guys!" the other day. Wow. However, after that she felt really bad and cleaned the entire basement without being asked. She even did a really good job. Oh joy....a preview of years to come.

I can't wait for Thanksgiving! I plan on eating a ton! I can't wait to eat hash the next morning, or have thick turkey sandwiches for lunch...and pumpkin pie at midnight....oh, so yummy!

My house is quiet. I can't clean. My work is caught up. I don't have enough guilt built up to do my homework....I just may go take a nap.


suebug said...

I have two sick kids, Braden now has Strep...I also have a TON of laundry to do...why don't I run away to your house? I can sit on the couch with you, say nothing at all, just stare at the wall..sound good?!?!

common mom said...

"You're MEAN!" I've been getting that one lately from my overtired Princess. I told her no child should have a mean mother, so I'd take her to the Colorado Kid Exchange so she could get a mom she likes better.

That went over real well!!! However, the attitude has changed a bit since then ;-)

Italian - YUMMOLA!

Laundry - YUCKOLA!

Enjoy your quiet time . . . you know all too well how precious that time is, even though deep down we all secretly love our chaotic noisy lives :-)

Andrea said...

Okay, your remarks about Presley are just HILARIOUS!! Don't get me wrong -- I'm not getting joy out of your misery or anything...but you are funny.

mom said...

Love the randomness. Your mind is going a million miles an hour. Awesome!!!!

Pam said...

I love randomness! :)

A nap sound wonderful. I hope you took one and enjoyed it! I do not look forward to the time when Ashlyn starts yelling back at me...oh joy! Oh- Italian food- YUMMY! And now I am so hungry!

Pamela said...

I have been pretty busy and have not been commenting but I have been thinking of you and hope Presley decides to wait awhile before making her grand entrance. I am sorry you had to put math on hold....what a set back and I imagine it is frustrating. I hope you are able to take the class with a different prof next time...having to take it over may not be a bad thing ;) BTW My second child was born at 35 weeks and thankfully able to go home 4 days later. I wish you the same...take care.

mickey said...

I miss you, and think about you everyday...several times a day. I am doing laundry today, and cleaning my house while I'm at it...oh and I'm taking time to catch up on blogs...maybe I'll even blog today...we'll see.

Rachel said...

I see you, who has to sit all day long...haven't updated in a couple of days....are you okay?? If you were back in the hospital, you would say so, right???