Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I was a slacker this year. I'm usually the Mom that does "theme" Halloween costumes. Devil and angel. The three little pigs. A vampire and three witches. So cute.
I had grand plans this year for them to all dress as prisoners and I'd be the cop. Well, that went out the window. Apparently they have developed "opinions" and want to choose what they are. :) Oh well....I'll try again next year.

My little doctor. Who then decided that it wasn't fair that she didn't get any face paint, so she became a dead doctor.

My ghost. I'm pretty proud of this one. Made it out of an XL sweatshirt.
My little witch. She was a witch last year, too, but insisted on being one again. I think it may have to do with the fact that she didn't get to go trick or treating last year because of an emergency room visit Halloween morning, due to several asthma attacks.My little monkey. The boy wants to be Curious George.
Bailey the doctor, Avery the witch, Luke the monkey, Ryleigh the ghost, Caleb the dragon (Josh's cousin), Landon the skunk (our nephew) and Trevor the little dragon (Josh's cousin).
It was a great night and the kids got tons of candy. Luke even managed to barf all over himself, his car seat and the van before we made it home. Ahhh....memories! :)


Pam said...

well, it may not have been a themed costume year, but they are all still super cute! And creative!

Steph said...

They are all so cute! Eww on the puking! Is he better now?

Gail said...

It is funny to think that Caleb and Trevor are Josh's cousins. Anyways all the kids looked so cute!

suebug said...

They all turned out PHENOMENOL, good picks kids! Happy Halloween!!

Erin said...

Theme or no theme...they are darn cute!!

JLT6907 said...

great pics! and yes kids will want to choose their costumes. i picked their costumes until last year.