Friday, October 10, 2008

What's Up Your Shirt? :)

A paper, with a picture drawn on it.
A spoon.
A binky.
A toy rattle.
A sticker.
A stuffed animal.
A rice krispie treat.
A few of the many things that my kids have put up my shirt..."for Presley". It's wonderful that they are already trying to take care of her and share with her....but the rice krispie treat was a little sticky! :)


suebug said...

I am sure she totally appreciates kids, with all her little heart! Mommy on the other hand, probably doesn't like a sticker stuck to her bully, nor a gooey rice krispie treat on her underwear!! :)

Jen said...


Tinabean said...

Such good news about your mom.
It would be so hard to live with out our mothers.
I hope & pray that she continues to improve.
I love the way the little ones love on babies there isn't much cuter.
I have given you an Award on my blog when you have a min please go check it out.