Thursday, October 2, 2008

Snow Angels

Keep in mind, it's over 70 degrees today. :)
For some reason, Ry and Avery decided to get completely decked out in winter gear today, lay on the living room floor and make "snow angels". I told you they could amuse themselves with anything! :)

Not to be left out....Luke went searching for his own winter outfit. I think he did rather well....the purse just completes the ensemble!


Crystal said...

It must be the pink boots!!

But look at Mr. Luke! Such style. He already knows how to coordinate his accessories (his purse and hat).

mom aka nana said...

How did the snow angels come out on your rug? They have quite the imagination.

bequi said...

I was just looking over your layout. Have people told you that you have too many kids?!

Steph said...

You have the CUTEST kids!!! I bet it's a ton of fun at your house!!

suebug said...

Kids are a freakin' riot! Aspen will get full on decked out in a princess costume with layers of clothes underneath to go play outside in 100 degree weather and not bat an eye at it...too funny!!!