Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Obsession

I have a new obsession lately. I want to make my girls' hair bows. I want to have some cute stretchy headbands ready for Presley and I want more options for my older girls.
I have found one website that has step by step instructions and it seems to be pretty easy, but there has to be more out there. I also found a million websites where Mom's sell the bows (but I wanna make my own) or they sell the instructions (I won't pay for them when I know they are available for free).
So, anyone know any good websites detailing how to make bows or headbands? Have any tips about the process?


Mamarazzi said...

my friend CrazyMamaof6 has an online tutorial for free of the adorable bows she makes her girls.

she is on my blog roll *truly delightful in every way?*

Pam said...

how cool! You will have to let me know how it goes- maybe I should try it too. I'm not very crafty though.

Andrea said...

Look around on www.bambinaballerina.com I know she used to have some tutorial links on there somewhere. If not you can email her from there and see if she has a list of links she can send you.

Haasiegirl said...

My site has a ton. Here ya go! Help yourself



Amy said...

I love making bows! I hope for another girl one day because they are so much fun! If you want to make korker bows, the ringlet-type of ribbons, go to this website and there are instructions. They are my favorite and always turn out so cute. Try it!


Amy said...

and also, I always get asked where I get the alligator clips, they are at Sally's, you get like 100 for 5 bucks, well worth it.

Jen said...

Um, I think my friend makes these, so she may have some ideas! FREE ideas! :) I'll let ya know!

common mom said...

I can't help ya on the bows or headbands, but I know how to make scrunchies really easily.

Buy 1/8 yard of fabric.
Buy elastic
Cut the fabric in half the long way (down the fold).
Sew the fabric together the long way inside out.
Turn it the right way.
String the elastic through it (make it as stretchy or not as you want).
Sew the ends of the elastic together.
Sew the ends of the scrunchie together.

I think these are fun because you can buy fun fabrics and they are so easy and cheap. And you get put them over a tighter ponytail holder if necessary.

Also, and easy way to make ponytail holders is to buy a bunch of ribbons of whatever color, style, width, etc. that you want. Then just tie a bunch of the pieces of ribbon to a regular ponytail holder. Easy to make different holders for different occassions . . . holidays, birthday, etc.

Good luck with the bows!

Kelli said...

Hi I am one of those blog jumpers that looks but doesn't comment, I am Mickey's favorite sis-in-law in Tooele, anyway thanks for sharing the web site. I too am looking for cute bows for my little girl. I love reading your blog. Thanks!

Rachel said...

I finally did it! I started writing in my blog! Aren't you proud??