Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Child Of A Million Ideas

I was getting Avery ready for school and she pipes up with:

Avery: "Did you know that when you're naughty, your belly gets big?"
Me: (thinking....hmmm....where's this going?) "Oh, yeah? Why is that?"
Avery: "Like that girl that got big and blue. She was naughty."
Me: (chuckling...starting to understand) "Oh, the girl that turned into the blueberry on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?"
Avery: "Yeah, she was naughty."
Me: "So, Mommy's belly is I naughty?"
Avery: "No, you not naughty!"
Me: "Well, if my belly is big, I must have done something...what did I do?"
Avery: "Daddy is naughty."
Me: (laughing to myself and wishing someone else was around to laugh with me, at the joke she didn't know she just made) "Oh, why is Daddy naughty?"
Avery: "He painted on the wall." (We just painted our hallway.)
Me: "So, because Daddy was belly got big?"
Avery: "Yeah..."

LOL....if only she knew! :)


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Stacy said...

Oh my gosh!!!! So funny!

Shellie said...

Hahahahahaha! That is too funny!

bequi said...

That's so fantastic!!

suebug said...

hhhehehee naughty daddy!

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way too funny!