Monday, October 27, 2008

***MISSING*** Donations Needed!

I used to have this friend. This friend was always there for me and always made me feel better. I haven't seen this friend in a while, and I'm trying to get back in touch with them. If anyone knows of this friend's whereabouts, I would be so grateful if you would let them know I am trying to find them.

My friend's name is....SLEEP.

I didn't fall asleep until 6:00 this morning. Between braxton hicks, the need to pee every time I blink, a baby girl that is practicing for the New York City Ballet Company, a pelvis already damaged by four previous kids and this annoying need to breath (which she is making very difficult) - I am not sleeping well.

I do a beautiful dance titled "Me And My Five Pillows"... shove them here... shove them there... prop this... prop that... and still...cannot get comfortable. It's getting quite old and with 10 weeks to go, I'm just hoping I survive.

I even thought to myself, "Oh, I wish she would just be born already!" Then, I come to my senses and know that even the little bit of sleep I'm getting now, is way more than I will get pulling all nighters in the hard rocking chairs at PCMC, next to a very sick little baby, again. (Ignore the run-on sentence...I'm tired, ya know?)

So, I'd like to do a fundraiser...or a sleepraiser, if you will. If everyone would dedicate just one hour of sleep to me, or one mid-day nap, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your help!


suebug said...

I will allote you one hour of my sleep...and one nap (cause I NEVER get to use my anyways) there you go. Use them, and use them well...

Sharon said...

I cannot tell you how much it helps me to know that someone is experiencing the exact same thing as me. I could not have put it into words quite as well as you, but that has been my experience for the past few weeks and I, too, have been wondering how I'll survive another 10 or 11.

I LOVE it when Emily kicks, but honestly...... can't we work out some sort of schedule?!? LOL!

Good luck to finding that one comfortable spot. Mine is currently on my right side... nothing else is remotely comfortable... which means when I get up to pee, my side and leg hurts so bad I feel like Emily is trying to escape through my foot.

Sorry about the long comment! Hang in there and thanks for helping me to know I'm not alone!

Gail said...

Sleep, what is that? I sleep really good when Kevin is at work. That is the only time I get to stretch out. Right now sleep eludes me. But I'll take my 10 days compared to your 10 weeks!! Ha Ha

mickey said...

i'll give you some of mine if you can trade me some "good feelings." anything but the blue ones.

hey, do you still want a doula? i could use some time giving service to someone else.

not to sound pesky or pushy but have you decided that you're totally awesome and another natural birth is in you? because i know it is and i know you can do it again and i KNOW this time will surpass the last experience. and just think you'll go out with a bang, it will be so empowering...besides exercise makes a huge you wanna huh? huh? huh?

Mom said...

I will give you 3 of my hours as soon as I find them. I think I'm going through a mild case of the change of life. I wake up really hot, try to find a cold spot, than wake up again freezing. This goes on from midnight until I crawl out of bed in the morning. My three hours that I donate to you are the three that I get from 9:00 p.m. to midnight. Enjoy!

Andrea said...

I am hurtin' for you, girl. My first few weeks of sleepless-ness after Malia was born will never fade out of my memory. In fact, I think I'm still tired from then.

But I will still donate TWO hours of each of my nights to you.

(sigh...if only it worked that way, right?)

keysha said...

You've just helped convince me that I am...for sure...done having kids. How easily we forget the misery that is being pregnant!!

The Joseph and Crystal Albrecht Family said...

Hi! Hopefully I can send a few sleep filled hours your way. I highly recommend physical therapy. When my pelvis felt like it was ripping apart and my hips would totally give out on me and I couldn't ever get comfortable, someone suggested that I try physical therapy. I cannot even begin to tell you the difference it made. I wish I had found that out with my first baby instead of my third! Good luck! Hope that helps. Oh, and a pregnancy back- brace will help relieve the pain and stress throughout the day= more comfortable night. They are available online and I think motherhood maternity has them, too. Sorry for the long comment, but this is my area of expertize after all. ;)

Tausha said...

My sis is due a few weeks after you. She has some of the same complaints. I tell her you really get more sleep once they get here, just for the fact that you don't have to get up every hour to pee!!!!
Sorry for your lack of the good stuff. Don't you wish that they made a lotion that would perk and rejuvinate and give us as much energy as a 4 year old!!!!
A girl can dream right??

common mom said...

You can have TWO hours of my sleep for tonight!

I sooooo feel for you . . . I hope you find a comfy spot soon! Maybe Presley will grow enough in the next week that she fits tightly into her little nest and won't be able to move quite so much ;-)