Monday, October 13, 2008

It Started Out As A Joke

The other day we could hear sirens outside. Avery asked what that noise was and not even thinking about it, I jokingly told her that they were coming to get any little girls that hadn't made their beds.
She got this panicked look on her face and RAN upstairs and immediately made her bed. Josh and I had a great laugh over it and forgot about it.
That was 5 days ago.
She has not set foot out of her room since then, without her bed being made. Even when she goes to bed at night, she c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y slides under the covers and freaks out if it gets messed up at all.
She even walks around the house and randomly says, "The cops aren't gonna get me, huh, Momma?" ("No, Avery. The cops aren't going to get you.")
Her sisters have caught on and they threaten it with her now...if I reprimand her for anything (like unbuckling in the car, or not going to bed and staying there), they'll pipe up with a, "Mom's gonna call the cops!" She IMMEDIATELY corrects her behavior and looks panicked until she knows that I'm not really calling them.
I won't threaten her with it, because it just seems wrong to make her scared, but I will has been nice! Before you judge me, remember that this is the child that did this and this and this and this and this (oh yeah...THAT was a good one!) and this and this and this and this and this...are you seeing a pattern? :)


Crysm said...

I am seriously laughing my butt off right now. Avery, alone, makes blogging worth it.

If only this "cop" tricked worked with potty training too. Then I would be set!

Seriously, this girl cracks me up!!

Tinabean said...

I would never judge for this because I used to do the same thing to my 2 oldest kids.
Sometimes you just have to do what works.
It is funny though.
Oh & I feel your pain about sacrament I have one little boy that will just sit on your lap & be entertained by books, toys, snacks etc. & one little monster that wants to run around & see everyone & everything & is not quiet at all it amazes me how different twins can be.
Someday I'll get to enjoy it again.

Mom aka Nana said...

There's nothing wrong with putting a little constructive fear into them. It works when they are little. Wait until they are teens and the cops really show up at the house and it's not because they didn't make their bed. She is an absolute doll.

suebug said...

THAT is a beauty!! I am TOTALLY going to steal that idea and try and make Aspen and Braden SO terrified they will STOP destroying the play room! (crossing my fingers in hope) Avery, you are a freaking riot!!! :)

JLT6907 said...

hahahaha! that's funny. at least she's starting to behave a little better.

we actually had to the cops on my oldest bc she took off on us, and we didn't know where she was. so after we found her, the cop did some talkin with her, and whenever she acts up, i use the *cop* word, and she straightens right up. She's scared of the cops, hehehe.

common mom said...


Whatever works . . . I'm not above lying to my kids while they'll still buy it ;-)

Annie said...

too funny leeann!!!

Andrea said...

Hee hee hee hee!!! Now, that is a GOOD ONE! I wonder if that would work on my girls....