Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Hairy Situation

I just read this article on spas that cater to teens and tweens. Am I behind on the times? Apparently, it's the "cool Mom" thing to do, to take your 2 year old for full spa treatments. To take your 6 year old to have their back hair waxed - because it bothers YOU...not even your child. To take your 8 year old for a bikini and leg waxes.
Seriously? Even if your 8 year old daughter is developing pubic hair that young...what in the hell is she wearing that it makes a difference? I have a hard time imagining that there are thousands of 8 year olds walking around with pubic hair so bad, that swimming suit season is traumatizing for them!
While I have to say, that I have used the promise of a manicure as a bribe to get my daughters to stop biting their nails (which, BTW, it didn't work...they still bite them), the thought of having them waxed because of some crazy "perfection issues" that I have? Insane. I just had my eyebrows waxed today...that is not a pain I'm willing to inflict on my daughters at the tender age of 6.
How sad, that as a society, we push our young girls to look, behave and act in a way that puts them way beyond their years. It's cute that my daughters want to grow up to be like Mommy...but the main focus in that sentence should be - grow up to be like Mommy. They don't need to be Mommy, now.


common mom said...

Absolutely ridiculous. I actually can't believe it! I didn't get my eyebrows waxed until I was 30! And I needed it!

I had no clue people did this. There is no way I'd take my 6 year old in to get anything waxed . . . she's beautiful and I want her to like herself the way she is, not how someone else wants her to be.

Crystal said...

yah... not cool. If I can't afford a spa treatment for myself, I'm definitely not getting one for Lilly. LOL

suebug said...

yeah, I'd heard of these things. The whole industry is fueled by "perfection" seeking moms. Who are unhappy with their own "Selves" so they thrust their own insecurities on their unsuspecting innocent young girls. BTW your part about the traumatizing swim suit season made me laugh out loud...I find it sad that the FEMALES of this culture purpetuate such a sad, sick, issue to our girls- SHAME ON US!

JLT6907 said...

that is very sad! they are only kids, and well, let's just let them be kids! and parents that actually do these things are just idiots!

Sheila (and My Bumblebee) said...

That is crazy.
I seen this program on cable about how some mom's take their daughter's to those because they are putting them in beauty pagents.

It is crazy.

bequi said...

I have a friend who is a beautician and she gets moms in there all the time waxing their daughters' eyebrows for beauty pageants and stuff. She said it's so sad to hear the little girls crying, "Mom I don't want to! It hurts!"

Dumb moms with their dumb issues!

Andrea said...

That is INSANE!! I even struggle with my sister getting highlights done in her daughters -- ages 5 and 7. Really, is that necessary? Too much focus on the physical appearance at such a young age; it's sad.

sa said...