Sunday, October 12, 2008


One of my bestest friends, in the whole wide world, got married on Friday! Casey and I have been friends since waaaaay back in the day when we all worked at McDonald's together. So, just over ten years. I always tease him and call him "the big brother I never wanted". :)
Casey is such a special man. He has been there for me through all of my life's changes and nothing could ever replace him. The day that he called me, three years ago and said, "Well, I wanted to tell you in person...but...I have cancer.", was a day I will never forget. Thankfully, he pulled through and is doing fantastic now.
When he met Jen, I saw such a change in him. He has never been happier, then he is now. When he smiles, you can just see it fill his whole face. He got a bonus, when he got Jen, he also got a six year old daughter, Kylee. She is absolutely adorable and I love the way that he is with her.

Casey and his family
Casey and his beautiful Mom, Lori
Casey and Jen - I am so happy for the both of you. You truly are "two halves that make a whole". Thank you so much for allowing Josh and I to share in your special day. We wish you a lifetime of happiness. (And...we wish you'd move home, so we got to see you more often!) :)

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Ellsworth Clan said...

awwwh how nice. your such a good friend to him! we all just love you.