Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Called To Serve

Josh's little brother Cody got his mission call! We all had a chance to guess where we thought he was going, on the map. (I guessed Texas, because I figured that was a safe place...didn't want him somewhere with weird diseases or an angry Mother Nature.)
The poor kid was chomping at the bit all day waiting to open his papers. But, we all wanted to be together to do turned into quite the party!
Everyone was holding their he read the letter...
...and we found out he is going to:
He has to arrive at the MTC on January 14, 2009, so I promised him that Presley would be out in plenty of time for him to meet her.
Cody - I am so proud of you! I know that your decision to put in your papers was not an easy one. Just know that we will all be fine and we will be waiting with HUGE smiles on the day that you return home. I hope that you have a wonderful time and meet some great people...even if you can't pronounce the language that you're going to be speaking! :)


Mamarazzi said...


i have a friend who served his mission in the Philippenes (sp?). he actually met his wife there. he served honorably and then went back and married her. 5 kids later...happy happy.

suebug said...


Rachel said...

Wow!! The girl I sponsor is in that exact area! I am so jealous! Some day I will go and meet "my girl".

bequi said...

A guy in my ward met his wife on his mission to the Philippines, too! Crazy!

Mom said...

Tell good luck for me. I can't even pronounce the place he is going to.