Saturday, October 18, 2008

Boys, A Bat And A Ball

With Mom leaving on her trip, she wanted to spend some time with the grand kids before she left. So, we dropped all the girls off at her house to make cookies and kept Luke with us. (He's being a total toddler and I didn't want Mom having to chase him around.)
But, being an only child has it's perks! He loved the attention and the one on one time with Daddy. It was so cute watching them play baseball. Luke isn't half bad! He can't really throw that far, but he hit the ball with the bat a few times!
I love how he took turns letting Dad hit, while he pitched and then he'd switch, so he'd get a turn to hit.
My little man is getting so big! I love having a boy around the house!


Mamarazzi said...

i love his little stick'em out ears. soooo cute! he is getting BIG!

suebug said...

Your boys are precious. I enjoyed chatting with Josh Wednesday picking up the girls. Believe it or not, I think you got a good set of testosterone hormone driven male entities in your home!!!

Pam said...

he is too cute! Glad he is enjoying the daddy time

Mom aka Nana said...

What a handsome boy. Proud to call him my grandson. He's a doll!!!!!

common mom said...

I love when you get some alone time with one of the kids.

How special that they got to go play baseball together . . . totally a daddy/son thing to do :-) And what a cutie!