Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where Were You?

I woke up to a phone call.
"Turn on the TV!"
So, I did.
Right in time to see the second plane hit.
My life would never be the same again.

I never think of September 11th, without thinking of Bailey. She was only 6 weeks old on 9-11-01. There I sat as a first time Mom, clutching my newborn to my chest, crying, thinking that the world was ending. I couldn't believe that I had just brought a new baby into this kind of world.

I remember watching the news and the video clips, over and over and over for a week. I remember being sad, when the world returned to it's "previously scheduled programs", because it meant that we were moving on and forgetting. People were extra kind and extra helpful and extra patriotic during those first few days. I didn't want us to all move on and forget those acts of kindness.

Being pregnant, my thoughts turn to the children closely affected by 9-11. Those that lost a Mom. Those that lost a Dad. Those that weren't born yet. Those that have to grow up with a hole in their lives.

My heart goes out to them. It must be comforting for them to know that the entire world mourns with them today.


sheri said...

That's so funny...I was just about to post on my blog w/the exact same title!
I was nursing my 6-month old son on the couch, watching The Today Show, then calling my husband in panic because he was suppose to be in Los Angeles all day and didn't know if other major cities were going to be "hit". Then, of course, I spent the rest of the day in a numb shock. Although I think I did make a trip to Target. It's my therapy, after all.

bequi said...

I was a Senior in high school. I know, I'm just little. Anyway, I was in English class and my teacher stormed in and said, "Some idiot just crashed a plain into the world trade center!" I was picturing a little personal plane. Like on Tail Spin.

then my next class was Russian. We turned on the TV and my teacher tried to turn it off but we all refused to listen to him so he let us watch the news. This was about the time of the second plane. We all cried.

suebug said...

I was getting ready for my first college class of the day. My grandma came in and told me, we sat together and watched the second plane hit, I remember thinking "So, this is how the end comes" I called every, crying thinking "who knows WHO will be hit next?" My thoughts were with my fiance, my family, my loved ones. I think that's the most appropriate place for it to be at the end of all things.

Stacy said...

I was getting ready for work, and saw the 2nd plane hit. Before I saw it crash, I had thought the first plane was just a small one. Then reality sunk in. I remember being so panicked. Cris was at the U of U and had left his cell phone at home. I called my dad and we sat in numbed silence watching the towers fall. I didn't know if I should go on with my day and go to work, or... sit there glued to the tv. I felt so helpless and alone, and wasnt sure what to do.

I remember the airports being shut down for a few days, and when the finally did reopen how strange and eerie it seemed seeing a plane fly by. It changed me forever.

mickey said...

kenzi was just over a year and i too saw it on the news...a little confused at first as to what was going on, then complete devestation. kenzi came home today recounting the's now being taught as history in school...a history worth mourning.

common mom said...

7 years ago I was just walking in to work after dropping Dude off at daycare. Everyone was in the workout room watching the TV. Hubby called - from Seattle - thankfully he'd flewn there instead of to the other coast!

Last night, with reservation, I watched the History channel programming of 9-11 video with my 8 year old. He had way too many questions that I couldn't answer . . . some that I didn't want to answer. He was in awe . . . the one image I never forget is the video the one guy was taking of the first tower, when the second plane flew into the frame and you saw it crash into the building. That's the first thing I saw about that awful day.

Dude wanted to know who did it? Why didn't we just kill those people? Why didn't the firemen shoot water at the fire and put it out? Why didn't the people run down the stairs and get out? Why are all those people standing in the street watching instead of running? Why aren't they helping instead of just standing there? Why aren't there more ambulances going to help? Why did those people fly the plane into the building knowing they would die? How could those people be so mean?

And on and on . . . he cried when I explained that many of those people in the building had kids . . . kids that went to daycare or school and never saw their parents again. He was sad for those kids and said he was so lucky. He did the math and realized he was only 1 when this happened. He said he was glad he didn't know what was going on then because it would have been scary for a little kid to know that.

He said he was glad that daddy was stuck in Seattle that weekend, and not flying to New York because he'd really miss him and because we wouldn't have Keira if he'd been in New York.

A day that will forever be etched in my memory for sure.