Friday, September 26, 2008

What Am I Going To Do With This One?

My darling Avery is at it again. Yup...this girl never stops giving me grief.
You waiting on a funny story?
Want to know what terrible thing she thought up this time?
You'll be waiting a while. That's not the cause of my grief right now.
We took the little turd in to the doctor's today, because she has another ear infection... *shocker*! Her ear kept draining and draining and draining and nothing we did, worked. So, she earned another oral antibiotic and another "Well, looks like it's time to see the ENT again."
Agh! After RSV, pneumonia, asthma, tubes, adenoidectomy...hasn't she been through enough? Seriously...I just want the poor girl to be healthy.
So, she's probably looking at new tubes. Here's hoping the ENT enjoys the new car, that I'm sure our family has financed for him by now!


Jen said...

Oh no! Poor Avery! I hope the doctor is satisfied with his new car and doesn't go for a new house! That's awful! Poor little girl!

frazzled & worn out what to do? said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear about poor Avery.
I hate it when the little ones are always getting sick.
I hope she gets better & the tubes work.

mom said...

Poor baby! Hope the medicine works for her.

Steph said...

Poor Avery! Liv went through RSV and pneumonia, ROUNDS of ear infections and ended up with 2 sets of tubes and her adnoids out. I hope this set fixes it all! Will they look at taking her tonsils out? That fixed it for my brother.

suebug said...

Good grief, you got yourself a "Aspen" in your house. Sounds alot like what we've been through with her. Hopefully the medicine and the tubes help this time. Our ENT told us that often this issues go away with time. In Aspen's case that turned out to be true.

Andrea said...

Wow! You and Pam are in the same boat. Neither of my girls have ever had an ear infection (knock on WOOD!), so I don't know what you're going through...but I hope and pray things get better!

Pam said...

Oh no1 Poor girl! I am so sorry! (oh, and since R is headed for tubes, I don't really want to hear that it won't work--can we just pretend she was all better after the tubes, please?)

Here is hoping this time she is all better!

common mom said...

Oh man! Poor Avery :-( I feel for her . . . and for you . . . nothing worse than knowing your kiddos aren't feeling so well :-(