Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #30-Things I'm Looking Forward To

~Thirteen Things I Am Looking Forward To~

The holidays. I LOVE how everyone is extra nice and happy during this time of year. I love old traditions and new memories. I love the smiles on my children's faces when they think I don't know about the presents from them.
Finishing this semester. I'm glad that I am taking one semester off and hopefully I will use it wisely. Working out more and deep cleaning the house are on the "to do" list.
Lukey being completely potty trained. No explanation needed there!
The cure for cancer. A girl can hope that it will happen sooner, rather than later.
Losing the rest of this weight. I made it 50 lbs. and while pregnancy will set me back a little bit, I know I can lose the rest. Which leads me to...
My tummy tuck. Five kids have caused a bit of havoc on my mid-area. This time next year, I hope to be getting ready to have it fixed.
Putting a fence up. Hopefully this will happen next summer. It'd be nice to send the kids out to play and not worry that the two little ones will wander off.
The new season of Desperate Housewives. My guilty little pleasure. :)
Josh getting a new job. I don't know when/if this will ever happen, but I'm really tired of shift work. Having him gone 14 hours at a time, while rotating days/nights, is really hard on family life. A set schedule would be so much easier to deal with.
Going back east for a visit. I miss all my family. I don't know when that will happen...unfortunately I don't have unlimited funds, but I hope it's sometime next year. Most of my family haven't met my children, and they are missing out!
Graduating and doing what I love. I know nursing school will be super hard, while trying to be Mommy, too, but I know I can do it. I can't wait to take a picture with my kids - in my cap and gown - knowing that I showed my children that you can do anything you put your mind to.
My sisters having their babies. I can't wait to meet all the new little people, about to join our family. Of course, that leads me to the biggest thing I'm looking forward to...
Presley being born! I cannot wait to go through labor and birth again (yeah, I'm crazy like that). I can't wait to hold my new baby and see who she looks like. All of my children are so different. I can't wait to see what new personality she brings to our family.


Gypsy Princess said...

All great things to look forward to! Good luck with school, you are right, when it is finished you will be so happy you did it!

suebug said...

Wow...that's a lot to look forward to....think I'm gunna steal this one from you! Hope you don't mind. You always make me feel like "half-assed" mommy. You seem to be able to handle everything, DO everything, and it never phases you in the least...AH!! YOU ARE SUPERMOM!

Debbie said...

What a great positive list. Enjoyed my first visit to you. Looks like you have a lovely family and many blessings in your life.

Patsy said...

You touched my heart with this list. I've lived so many of them. I have three daughters -- no natural sons, but three step-sons. I remember each birth, each need, each hope that you wrote about. You can tell I'm in a very different phase of life. BTW congratulations on losing the weight -- you will do fine after this birth and finally I love the picture of your family --- how precious.

Andrea said...

I love your #11 -- YOU GO, GIRL!!!