Tuesday, September 16, 2008

No Autographs, Please

I am famous. Yes, you know a famous person.
Yesterday, I still had to go to school (on my birthday...how mean is that?) and even had a math quiz...which I think I did okay on.
Anyways...the local paper came out to do a story on my Polish Math Professor and this picture was on the front page of the paper tonight. I'm the one in the red shirt...don't I look so studious? :)
Yeah, my math class is held at the local high school. Our campus is going to be expanding, but until then, we need the extra room. So, my current worry is if I will fit in the high school desks at 36 weeks pregnant...?


Erin said...

o good thought?! hmmm thou with ur baby belly i would think so!

Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

Awesome! (pretty sure if I look back in my yearbooks...I already have your autograph!!) ;]

.....and it's NOT for sale!!!

(BTW...I feel for ya! I had to go to school on my bday, and take 2 quizzes that day. They WERE only quizzes, and not tests....but, still.. :)
I have no doubt that you aced it! You are one smart (and tough) cookie!

Amy said...

I saw that when I got my paper last night! I knew right away it was you!

Andrea said...

ACK!! I missed your birthday?!?!?! Oops! Hope it was fabulous!!