Thursday, September 4, 2008

It's A Love/Hate Relationship


I discovered a new favorite chore of mine.
Yes, I have favorite chores. Organizing? Check. Cleaning the bathroom? Check. (Strange, I know, but the smell of Clorox and Windex just makes me smile.) Mowing the lawn? Check. And now...edging the yard!
Holy crap, my yard looks fantastic! I have been out there all day...mowing, edging, weed whacking, weed pulling, raking, sweeping, shoveling, organizing kids' toys. I had never played with the "edging" option on the weed whacker before. And now...I am in love. Who knew that edging a lawn could make such a difference? I keep opening the front door, just to look at the lawn and admire my handiwork. Silly...but people in love do stupid things.

While edging, I think I hit a rock. Must have been a pebble, really. Because when I looked over at our car...the entire back window was shattered. Well, half of it was shattered. The other half had already caved into the back seat of the car. Whoops.


suebug said...

#1 - Very nice, good for you!
#2 - NICE O'Doyle..NICE! hehehee

common mom said...

Dude - we should live next to each other . . . organizing - I could organize all day long! And who doesn't love the smell of Windex and Clorox? Sheesh.

And mowing the lawn - do you know that the ONE thing holding me back from buying the house we live in is that it doesn't have grass? None, nada, zilch. It's natural - pine trees, etc. . . . very tough to have grass with pine trees. But I LOVE mowing the lawn - and I actually miss it.

Total bummer on the car window, though!!!

Mamarazzi said...

i am the organizing i totally understand and "feel" ya on that one!

mathrooms are not my thing, but my husband looooves doing them...y'all are strange!

wowzer on the window...that stinks!

mickey said...

sorry i can't stop laughing. why aren't there any pictures? you poooor thing.

Tausha said...

My husband would love it if I loved to edge and mow the lawn! I just like to plant my planters and make my porch look cute!
I did help do the yard today though. I told him that he owed me though!
You really shatterd the window? So sorry! Glad that no one got hurt-we at least until your husband got home from work! :)

Crystal said...

Note to self: Don't let Leeann edge your lawn while the car is near by.

This seriously cracked me up... but only cause I didn't have to pay for it.

But hey, at least your yard looks nice. And you will have a clear view of it as you drive away.

Erin said...

what? no pics of the shattered window? that is unlike u? oops! is all i can say to that.