Monday, September 22, 2008

12:01 A.M.

Guess what movie comes out at 12:01 AM tomorrow morning?
Guess who already called Wal-mart to make sure they were putting it out at 12:01 AM tomorrow morning?
Guess who's husband offered to drive up to Wal-mart and be there at 12:01 AM tomorrow morning?
Guess who will be staying up tonight to watch it?
It's my guilty little pleasure.
Don't judge me.
**UPDATE: Guess who forgot how darn tired she gets and was asleep before the husband even left for Wal-mart? Better luck tonight.


Mamarazzi said...


Sharon said...

I want to see this SOOO bad. I have loved watching the series on TBS (my guilty pleasure, as well). I've been waiting for the DVD, since no one in my family would go see it in the theater with me! Have fun!

common mom said...

No judging here . . . I saw it in the theater for Girls Night Out :-) It's fun . . . like a 2 1/2 hour episode.

We're going to see The Women next week . . . but shhhhhhhhh, don't tell the girls - I already saw it with my BFF when I was in MN last weekend!

Coby said...

I got it myself this morning. Shopping day is usually Thursday but I needed to get the movie, no chance waiting. I saw it just last week at Tiff's after work (bootleg copy) and the sound kept messing up so it'll be nice to watch it with out feeling like I'm watching a Japanese kung-fu movie where the lips move, than the words come. I just won like a $100 in gift cards at work last week so I think I'll be catching up on the rest of the sesons I don't yet have (3,4&5)Circut City has them on sale this week for only $15.99 a season. YEAH!!!

Erin said...

o my i totally forgot about that. i love that movie!!