Sunday, August 10, 2008


I'm alone.
Josh and the kids and his entire family went on the annual camping trip.
Due to personal reasons, that I won't get in to, I didn't go.
I'm so bored and lonely.
I have a lot to do and a lot I could do.
But I'm feeling rather "blah" and not really wanting to do any of them.
I'd rather unplug the phone, lock the door and hide.


sheri said...

Oh, hugs!
Take a nice relaxing bath and nap.
Then turn on some rockin' tunes or watch a great chick flick!

Pam said...

I'm sorry you are lonely and that you couldn't go on the trip. Hang in there. Treat yourself to a bubble bath or something spa-ish like that. Hope you make it through okay until everyone returns.

Steph said...

(((HUGS))) Im sorry you're lonely!! I hope you can get some rest

Mamarazzi said...

awww...sending huge hugs!

common mom said...

Many hugs! They'll be back soon!

mickey said...

you wanna come over? i have lots of noise and chaos, oh and LOVE.