Sunday, August 10, 2008

Letter To My Girl

Dear Presley,

Oh, baby girl, you are getting so big! Just this week, my belly can no longer be sucked in and hidden. You make your presence known daily, with your tap dancing lessons. I love that I can be busy and then a gentle little pop in my belly, reminds me you are there.
I cannot wait to meet you, my little miracle. You floated in, on the wings of grief and filled a very empty place in my heart.
I can't wait to see who you look like. Will you have Bay's slender, fragile frame? Will you have big brown eyes, like mine and Ry's? Will you develop freckles like Avery and Dad? Will you have pokey ears like Lukey?
I can't wait for that first moment that I hold you and you look into my eyes, all wide-eyed and confused, and I can tell you that you are safe and that I love you.
I can't wait to hold you, all snuggled against my chest, as you curl into the fetal position, warm and secure.
I can't wait to see your siblings hold you and give you kisses.
I can't wait to bring you home and know that our family is complete, with you, my little caboose.

Love, Mommy


Pam said...

You could at least warn me when you are going to make me cry ;) beautiful! I love all your posts, but the ones like this, where I feel like I can see into your soul, really make it feel like I 'know' you- you know beyond the computer.

Mamarazzi said...

beautiful. sigh.

Tausha said...

I really think that when us women are pregnant, we are more in tune and are all around better-at least in the mental and spritual dept. That was beauttiful. Your new little girl is lucky, and i am suer that she already know this!
As for time to decorate. Didn't you read that I did it while i was suppposed to be getting ready for church? I was only a couple minutes late. :) It really doesn't take me that long-guess that is just lots of practice on my part.
Probably more than the average person. I change my mind WAYY to much.
I would love to come to your home and don't worry-I would tell you to take all the credit.

mickey said...

you are so talented, really. i love it. thanks for being my friend. how are you???