Saturday, August 23, 2008

Road Trip?

Education is very important to me. Although I took an 8 year break, I am back in school and working my butt off, to achieve my goals.
While I want my children to experience the satisfaction of hard work, I don't want them to make it harder on themselves, than necessary. Given the choice, I wouldn't be juggling school with a husband, 4 kids, 2 jobs and pregnant. I'm not complaining...I'll do what I have to do to make it work, but if my kids can avoid the extra aggravation, why not?
So, I stress college and education to my kids, at any opportunity that presents itself. I want them to understand that college comes after high school....that's just how it is. I want it to be as assumed as 4th grade coming after 3rd. I want my children to experience the world and become educated individuals, that get to do what they love. All to often, I hear people complain about hating their job. Well, that's because it's a job. If you want to love what you do; have a passion for what you do, you must have a career. That will not come without an education.
So, all that leads up to the conversation that I had with Bay the other day:

Me: "Bay, where do you go after elementary school?"
Bay: "Middle school."
Me: "Right. Where do you go after middle school?"
Bay: "High school."
Me: "Yup. And after high school?"
Bay: "A trip!"
Me: (laughing) "Shouldn't you save that till after....?"

I don't know where she got "a trip" from...but it had all of us in the van busting out laughing.
In a society where high school seems to have become "optional", I will do whatever I can to assist my kids in achieving their goals.
Which, for the record, at this moment are:
Bailey-a fast runner in the Olympics
Ryleigh-a "mailer" (mail carrier)
Avery-a princess
Luke just isn't really sure...given his current ear infection trauma, I'd say he just wants to be healthy!
What's your views on college?


suebug said...

I totally agree with you on education. I was raised by a mom that regrets (still to this very moment) every day of her life - that she didn't finish college. She didn't by any means pick a bad choice of getting married and producing 5 of the most gorgeous kids in the world. But she taught each of her girls (especially us, cause she didn't want us giving up on our education even IF we had kids and got married), that college...and GRADUATING from college is as necessary for a happy life as is marriage. I have felt such guilt over not going the past 6 years. And because of her CONSTANT nagging (um...insistance) I am happily returning to college on Monday. I don't regret having my kids and getting married, but gaining an education is JUST as important!

Pam said...

I'm with you on this one! I'm super proud of you for going back to school and not just tellng your kids, but showing them, how important an education is.

Your kids have great goals- I'm with Avery, when I grow up, I want to be a Princess!

Stacy said...

I didnt finish college after high school. I started, and really I have no excuse for not finishing, but it just didnt feel right. It would have been much easier to do it then, than finding the time later in life, so I do regret that. However, I don't have the urge to go back... yet. I am sure it will come. I'm just waiting for the big desire or I dont think I'd give it my all.

With that said, I want my children to go and not think of it as a choice - just the natural progression of things. So, maybe I am a hypocrit? LOL

Amy said...

I totally agree with you. I was just telling Mae a few days ago that she's going to go to college when she is a lot bigger. She said, can you come wiff me? I told her no, but she'll be old enough that it will be okay... :) So yes, I'm already drilling it in, that college is just what you do, no question about it!

mickey said...

I love that Ryleigh wants to be a mail carrier, Bob will be so proud.

I am too tired tonight to think about education, but I know it's important. I am so proud of Bob and all of his accomplishments with graduating from college. I know my turn will come, but I know my limitations and full time mommy and college wouldn't mix well for me, but you go girl!!!

Beth said...

I am around high school kids as my career and kids these days do really think that they "deserve" some kind of reward for finishing high a trip. And the sad part is that many parents pay for them to go to luxurious, tropical locations, or on a cruise! I remember KNOWING I was going to college before I really even knew what college WAS. Really. My dad went to college, my mom did not, and therefore, he was the one drumming it into our heads that WE WERE GOING. My brother began 2 different college programs, however, and didn't finish either one. I wonder if he regrets that now.....

common mom said...

100% of what you said!!!

Dude has already decided where he wants to go ;-) I keep telling him to keep his options open. But, both Princess and Dude believe that after high school you go to college . . . that's just how it is.

And this whole thing about high school becoming optional . . .wth!?! I'm STUNNED by the number of people I know who say things like "Ya, he's quit school again." Um, WHO LET HIM?! It's so not optional! I understand that some kids just do what they do and you can't MAKE them go to school. You CAN, however make it hell for them if they don't go!

Anyway - off my soapbox . . . you're setting a wonderful example for your children . . . you should be very proud :-)