Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Have Found Heaven...(and I can give you directions!) :)

I am a Virgo, through and through. I like order and things to be structured. I am not a "fly by the seat of my pants", kinda gal. I am "a place for everything and everything in it's place", kinda gal. Don't get me house does not always reflect this, as I have five other people living in it, that I am constantly working against. But, in my dreams, my entire house is in Rubbermaid bins, with pretty little labels on them.

Today, I discovered a wonderful place. Now, many of you know of this place and have probably even been there. However, this was my first time in heaven. (or, "Leeann's Disneyland", as I have started calling it).

Now, there are some things I have discovered about this magical place. First of all, although they have made it very kid friendly (more on that subject later), next time I visit, I will be leaving all little people at home. Secondly, I will allow no less than 3 hours, in this heavenly kingdom. Thirdly, anyone that is not "like-minded", will not be allowed to accompany me, as I do not want to hear whining or complaining during this very spiritual time.

Where is this oasis, you are wondering?


Oh praise, Ikea! It is a 310,000 square foot haven! Every storage compartment ever thought of, is in this building. Furniture. Kitchen items. Office supplies. Rugs. Candles. Frames. You name it...they have it. And even better...their prices are completely reasonable! (Read: Nesting with this pregnancy is going to be FANTASTIC!)

They even have a play area called Smalland, that is FREE, that kids (that are potty trained) can go in and play at...while I shop! (Do you hear the chorus of angels?) They also have a cute little restaurant, that I didn't try out yet, but want to. They have kid's meals for $1.99-$2.59. Cheaper than McDonald's, and these aren't your normal kids meals. They are Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes. Or a PB&J sandwich, cookies and milk. Or spaghetti. Or, for the younger shoppers...they even have baby food.

We went in just to look and of course, ended up buying stuff. However, we spent under $30 and got a ton of stuff! I got 48 scented tea light candles, for 49 cents. I got three pairs of SHARP scissors (assorted sizes), for $1.99. I got 5 Tupperware-type bowls, with lids, for $1.99. I got Shylo and Scottie each new food bowls and water bowls, for $3.00 total. I got a huge drawer organizer (think of the usual utensil organizer...on steroids) for $2.99. And, a bunch of other stuff.

I also found the mack-daddy of all storage units that the kids will be getting for the toy room, for Christmas. Shhh...don't tell them. In fact, I found SO much good stuff, that everyone on my shopping list will be getting something from Ikea.

So, here's to a good deal.
Here's to a great way to spend an afternoon.
And here's to killing pretty little storage bin at a time!


Rachel said...

YOU HAD NEVER BEEN TO IKEA??? Oh my goodness! There is an even bigger one in Houston, if you can imagine that! I was so excited when I found out Salt Lake was building one, knowing I was leaving Houston. My apt was furnished in IKEA. It is awesome!
(and the little cafe is pretty good as well. We sometimes pick up some meatballs to cook at home). I'm so glad you discovered the place, yet sad I never asked you if you had been there.

Rachel said...

P.S. LOL Another fun place that you would love for organization (if you ever happen to see one, let me know) is "The Container Store". A little smaller and more pricey than IKEA, but so much fun!

common mom said...

Oh YAY for you! I, too, am a Virgo and love everything in it's place and in order - hence, the office closet clean out last week (it was THAT bad that it took us a whole week!).

I'm so jealous . . . I have never been to Ikea . . . but I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Container Store - I could live there . . . because in my dreams, everything is put away in cute little baskets, boxes, rubbermaids with lables . . . just like in The Container Store :-)

Crystal said...

We are so alike... I have been wanting to go to IKEA for weeks!! I think about it every day. We HAVE to go together.

And next time I go to Denver (and you come with me) we will definitely go to the Container Store!!

Cassie said...

I love that store...and there isn't one near me...So sad...I love organization too...Makes me happy...

tinabean1988 said...

I to recently just discovered IKEA.
I was looking for toddler beds & had to of course look at the entire store.
I think I want everything in it!

mom said...

Where is this place? I've never heard of it and I sure could use a place to shop for Christmas that won't cost me an arm and two legs to buy for everyone.