Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten

My beautiful Roo started kindergarten today! She was so excited and walked right into class and sat down. She has already made a friend and really likes her teacher.
I love you Ryleigh-Roo! Mommy is so excited to watch you grow and learn this year! I know that you will do fantastic!


suebug said...

GO ROO!!!!

Mamarazzi said...


i think it is awesome that she was so READY and went right in...so cool!

YAY Ryleigh!!

Pam said...

Yeah! I am so glad she had a great first day!

Regina said...

aaawwwww, I remember those days!! She's beautiful and looks so excited!

common mom said...


Aren't kids amazing? Princess's best friend went to a different school this year for kindergarten . . . the 2nd day of school Princess was telling me all about A and how she wanted her to stay over. I'm always amazed at how easily kids get along with each other. If we could all be so innocent.