Sunday, August 24, 2008

"Egg"cellent Morning

My kids LOVE crepes. They beg for them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Grandma is usually the person that caves and makes them for them, after a sleep-over.
But, last night I promised them for breakfast today and wouldn't you know? That was the first thing out of Bailey's mouth..."You PROMISED crepes for breakfast!" (spoken all accusatory, like I wasn't going to make them...)

The recipe requires 4 eggs. Hmmmm...4 eggs...I have 4 kids...I knew it would happen..."Mom! Mom! Can I crack an egg?" So, after they each had a turn, with only one of them getting shells in the bowl, I made the crepes.

The children are getting older, bigger and requiring more food. This became evident when each of them ate 4-5 crepes for breakfast. Each. As in, I made like 18 crepes...and they ate them all. I wasn't going to make a whole new batch for my it's their fault that I will be eating left-over onion rings for breakfast.

All in all, a wonderful morning. Even if they all did keep calling me Grandma. Guess it was their way to point out that only Grandma goes out of the way, to make them a nice breakfast. However, I see nothing wrong with yelling at them to "Hurry up and swallow!", while feeding them granola bars and grapes, on the way to school.


Beth said...

Hey! How about the recipe? Crepes sound wonderful and I wouldn't mind trying it myself!

Pam said...

I have never made crepes.....lucky for me, my kids think having milk in their cereal is a special breakfast ;)

suebug said...

HEY!!! You didn't come here and make crepes for me?!! How rude! :) Yeah, don't you love that your kids each more than 5 adults. I find that now...and I only have two monsters to feed!!! Here's to a BIG pocketbook to feed our kids!

Andrea said...

darn, you got stuck with onion rings for breakfast? SHUCKS!! :)